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OK. So yes, not obvious at all, but yesterday I went to Marineland with Andrew XD I set my alarm for 7:30am because I’m crazy. Actually, I wanted to shower but of course I was tired from the night before (went to Limeridge and watched the first Harry Potter movie with Andrew) so I slept until 8:40 or so, and then hopped into the shower. Andrew arrived at my house at around 10:40, and then after getting gas we were on our way! Unfortunately, for some reason, Andrew’s GPS refused to charge, but he did print out instructions on how to get to Marineland, so we made it in one piece X3 Arrived at around 12:30, found a far parking space, and purchased our tickets. I was tempted to upgrade the ticket to a season pass for only $5 more, but I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy Marineland (my thinking was why are they always advertising on TV? Does no one ever go because it’s not fun?), so I didn’t.

But anyway, BOY WAS I WRONG HAHA. The only think stopping me from running around and going crazy was the heat. It was very hot yesterday, and carrying around a fluffy Totoro bag on my back wasn’t helping me haha XD The first thing we went to see were the reindeer X3 I was surprised Marineland had them, along with bears and bison. The reindeer kept running away from me D: But after a while, I found one just chilling in the shade and managed scratch it behind its ears and he/she let me pet it X3 After the reindeer we went to FRIENDSHIP COVE and I saw AWESOME BELUGAS and my HEART WAS STOLEN from me. AHHHHHH THEY WERE SO CUTE X3 I think belugas have this constant smiling face haha, and they’re very fat and squishy so OF COURSE I fell in love with them. I managed to squeeze in through the crowd and saw them up close X3 They are larger than what I imagined X3 Beside the beluga tank, I spotted another tank with a killer whale, but we weren’t allowed further in. It was around 1:10 now, and there was a dolphin show scheduled for 1:45, so we decided we’d come back after (there was going to be a splash session at 3!) There was a long line up, so we headed into the souvenir shop to cool down a bit. There were lots of plushies I wanted to buy, but I need to save money ;_;

When we left the souvenir shop, the line was gone! Meaning everyone had gone inside, but Andrew and I found decent seats ^^ We were 15 minutes early, but definitely not bored because one of the caretakers/trainers entertained the crowd haha. He was basically dancing and fake-falling to make the little kids laugh X3

The show was very awesome in my opinion :D It was opened by sea lions and they swam and did tricks and stuff X3 I especially liked how they could clap their flippers together haha, it was very adorable :3 There was also this sea lion who pretended to do CPR haha, most interesting X3 They were more well-trained than I thought they would be :D But of course the best part of the show was when the DOLPHINS CAME OUT TO PLAY :D! Haha, I wish I sat closer. The dolphins jumped and did awesome flips and splashed people that were closer up X3 A little girl also got the opportunity to pet one of the dolphins hehe, the dolphin even gave her a high five X3 After the dolphins, 2 walruses came out. Again, was surprised they had walruses! They didn’t do much, just wiggled their flippers and waved X3

After the show, Andrew and I went to grab a bite to eat because we were both starving! 8D We both had a hot dog with fries (I couldn’t eat my fries, the hot dog was HUGE D<). It was really hot inside the restaurant, and the light definitely didn’t need to be on haha. I couldn’t eat fast enough, so we missed the splash session at Friendship Cove at 3, but that’s alright. We did discover the underwater viewing place, and finally saw the 2 killer whales X3! I took a lot of pictures of them and the belugas, they’re both so adorable X3

After that, we headed to Arctic Cove! You could buy tickets to feed and pet the belugas, but they were expensive, so I just took pictures instead. Very jealous of the little kids who got to feed them and touch them ;_; Belugas looks so friendly and curious they just make me melt inside X3 Speaking of melting, I was melting a lot the entire day. Andrew and I always pick the best days to be outdoors haha!

Once I was done being sad I couldn’t pet the belugas, we took a small break and then just walked around and explored~ Passed by the fish feeding pond, and then found the bears~ I admit I wasn’t that interested in them at first, but then after watching them they found a spot in my heart, too =P You could feed them corn pops haha X3 I believe Andrew counted 17 bears…they have more than Toronto Zoo O_O There was even a bear cub X3 I felt sorry for them, though, it was definitely a very hot day, so most of them were chilling in the water.

After the bears we found more deer and bison :) I fed the elk some grass FOR FREE. I am such a rebel 8D I managed to pet one, but most of them ignored me haha. They’re not as soft as I thought they would be o.o Their coats felt like straw, and they all looked like they were dying in the heat, too :( After that, we went back to Friendship Cove for the last time, took more pictures, and then headed to the exit. AND THAT’S WHEN I NOTICED THE AQUARIUM O.O So of course I had to drag poor Andrew inside (I think he wanted to go home haha XD), and good thing I did because there was air conditioning! I also found the sea lions and various fish here :) Once I cooled down a bit, we left for real and headed back to Andrew’s place~

The GPS was still not working, but I think Andrew managed just fine~ I was feeling very sweaty and gross so Andrew’s mom let me take a shower haha. Felt very refreshed after ^^ I then went with Andrew to get pizza, and after eating we watched a bit of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets until it started getting scary for me so we stopped. Yes, I know, I’m a chicken. I’ve seen the movie before, but I’ve always thought the Chamber of Secrets was one of the more scary ones. We then headed back to my house and I asked Andrew to stay until midnight because it would be our 600 days yayyyyy X3 Hehe, he left after that and I went to sleep. Good sleep.

Mmm, it’s 2:16pm now, and I do believe I should be packing to catch a GO bus back to Markham~ So I shall be off :D

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