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First Day of Work

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Today was the first day of my first day at work! I LOVE redundant sentences! 8D Anyway, what can I say? It’s quite boring. I’m working as a receptionist at a retirement home. Or that’s what I’m told. I sit beside the security guard at the front desk, smile and greet people, occasionally get ignored by them, watch visitors sign in, help keep track of borrowed game sets, checkers, mahjong sets, karaoke microphones, ping pong sets, room bookings, and if I get the chance, organize the mail. I must say I’m getting paid way too much to just sit there and do nothing. I was dozing off so badly. I blame that on the fact that I woke up way too early.

Mmm, basically, I work Tuesdays to Thursdays from 9 to 4, but my dad works from 8 to 5, so essentially I leave with him (I drove today! Well, 3/4 of the way) and we’re out of the house at around 7:10 at the latest. I get an hour to spend in my dad’s “office” by myself. I might nap tomorrow when I go back. But yes, quite the boring job. I hope as I get to know how things run and get to know people better I can do more things, like maybe organize some events or move chairs or something.

But yes, the people I’m working with are…all pretty slow and…weird. The security guy I sit with doesn’t do anything. He just sits. And watches a computer screen. And eats. He gets a lot of phone calls (I know because my dad has to keep him informed about all the systems and monitoring and resuming power stuff that he does) and I see him write stuff down but he never looks at it again so he forgets. I had to remind him about things today because he just forgot about them, like locking some doors and stuff. This other administrator lady I’m with, she doesn’t know how to work Microsoft Word I think. It took her 3 tries to make me a name tag ._. But anyway, don’t want to sound arrogant, but yeah, that’s how it was.

It’s 10:30. I’m tired. What is this? >.> *sigh*


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