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It’s the 4th of July~ AND IT’S MASSU’S BIRTHDAY 8D! Mmm, yes. Andrew came to visit me again today :) He arrived at around 11:20ish, and after I shoved my new Totoro bag in his face, we chilled and watched an episode of Long Way Round :) I believe it was episode 5 we watched. It’s a pretty neat show, and the episode stopped right when the good part was happening D: But that’s alright because that meant time to get some food, and I only had yoghurt for breakfast. We went to the Phoenix Restaurant near my house and had “French Toast”, Asian style of course haha 8D I remember I used to eat it a lot at various Chinese restaurants, and then I just got sick of it, but after having one today I realized how much I had missed it. Wow, it sounds like I’m talking about being parted from a loved one or something. BUT ANYWAY. Yes, I’m craving some right now. Mmm, at around 3:45 we headed back to my house and watched one more episode of Long Way Round. After that, it was around 5, and Andrew had to head back for night class :(

Mmm…after he left, I chilled on Tumblr for a while (it’s my new addiction), and then my mom came home and I drove her to Costco and another supermarket because I needed to practice driving. After that we headed to the Shopper’s Drug Mart near my house so I could practice parking, but I got kicked out because the fat Asian dude was like NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE DRIVING HERE. Yeah, whatever. So I just headed home.

I start working tomorrow at my dad’s place! Am I excited? Not at all, but I need money haha. What horrible motivations I have. I went shopping yesterday with my mom for those business-looking skirts to go with my dress shirts, but then I got a call from the lady in charge of me today saying I wasn’t allowed to wear skirts because I’d be moving tables and helping set up things or something. What happened to me being a receptionist? D: Oh well. What a waste of money. Those skirts weren’t cheap.

Okie dokes, back to Tumblr~


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