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I need to start thinking of more creative titles. But then when I get creative with titles I forget what my blog post is actually about.


Yes! Yesterday I went to Woodbine Beach with a bunch of my friends :) I miss MJC :( And Philip and Sari couldn’t make it. We definitely need another beach trip :3

So yep~ I woke up early to shower and pack my things. The meet up time for the beach was 12pm, and I was going to go pick up Michelle at around 11 and then my parents would drive us to the beach~ I kidnapped Michelle at around 11:30 (parents went out to eat breakfast), and I got a text from the guys (who were being driven by Andrew) that they were already there and were looking for parking haha~ I told them we’d be there at around 12:15, predicting traffic. I also got a text from Aarathi, Christianne and Sarah saying they were running a bit late.

We arrived at Woobine on time, but it’s pretty big, so we had trouble finding where the guys were. Andrew called and he gave us directions, and we soon found everyone ^_^ The guys had already set up the umbrella and a few chairs, so we just unpacked a bit and chilled while we waited for everyone else to arrive.

It was a nice clear day for the beach. The weather forecast said it would be 21 degrees, cloudy with sunny breaks, which is good :D Not too hot and not too cold. But of course they lied and it was quite windy and chilly >< My leg also cramped because of the cold :( Still it was a nice relaxing day~ Everyone bought food and stuff so we pretty much had a mini picnic hehe ^_^ The only thing we were missing was some music. It’s too bad we didn’t get to make a sand castle or bury James in the sand. And I know a few people wanted to swim, but it was too cold for that, and the water looked a bit iffy haha. Thomas did dig a really deep hole, though o.o

At around 4 it was getting a bit too cold for our liking haha, so we all decided to pack up and head to Eaton’s Centre :) Before we left, though, we made a pyramid! :D Yay! Haha, that was interesting X3 I only have 2 pictures on my camera, but Michelle set her camera for 10 shots in 10 seconds, so you could see me climbing up everyone and then the last picture was me at the top haha X3

Mmm, we finally left at around 4:30 I think, but we couldn’t really decide our method of transportation. We only had Andrew’s van for 9 people and our beach things, and his van fits 7 people. But in the end we all managed to cram into his car (YAY FOR BREAKING THE LAW) and we drove around while debating where to park. Our first thought was to find a subway station that had parking, and then just subway to Eaton’s, but no nearby ones had parking, so in the end we parked at an underground parking near Nathan Phillips Square and just walked to Eaton’s, which was like 3 minutes away.

We arrived at around 5:30 or so, and the mall was closing at 7, so we split up and just walked around. We were all supposed to meet back up at around 6:30 and then go for dinner, but Aarathi and Sarah were in a long line at the cashier, so we all ended up meeting at 7. After much discussion and suggestions and nodding and indecisiveness, we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe which was just beside Eaton’s Centre. Good idea for the most part because it saved us a walk from the Okonomiyaki place (the other choice, which was a 25 minute walk), but it was kind of pricey. I had JUST enough money in cash for my meal, the restaurant automatically charged us 18% gratuities fee :( And they also don’t accept Debit :( So poor Sarah had to spend $2 at the ATM beside the washroom to withdraw money. What a way to sap our cash. Yes, I’m a cheapo D<! Mmm, but Andrew and James got to get free glasses because they spent more than $10 on their drinks :)

We all finished eating at around 8:15, but we stayed and chilled until 9:30 or so. Aarathi, Christianne and Thomas had to leave, so we all went back to Andrew’s car to get our stuff and said our good byes :( After that, the rest of us went to James’ place to chill for a bit. We got to his place at around 10:15, and Michelle, Sarah, James and Andrew D played cards for a bit. Andrew and I just sat and watched. I was nodding off a little bit haha. It was getting a little late, though, so we left at around 11 and headed to the subway station, where Michelle, Sarah and I parted ways with the guys, and Andrew^2 went to Andrew’s van so Andrew could drive Andrew^2 back to Hamilton. HAHAHAHA I had fun with that sentence.

But yes, quiet subway ride. Sarah got off at an earlier station, and I just stuck with Michelle until Finch, where we took the bus to a Tim Hortons so her dad could pick us up and drive us home~

Good day it was. Definitely need another beach trip, or at least another hang out day ^^


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