When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Chilling with Andrew

Currently listening to: To The Moon and Back – Savage Garden

Feeling: Photobucket

Lalala~ Hung out with Andrew yesterday ^^ I woke up early to clean my room because my floor wasn’t visible and to shower. He arrived at my house at around 1pm and we chilled for a bit. My mom came home at around 2:30 and suggested we all grab a bite to eat since I haven’t eaten yet. So yep, off we went to Phoenix Restaurant~ Andrew drove me while my mom went in her own car because she had work at 4:30, and would be leaving first. Good breakfast for me~ I had instant noodles while Andrew has French toast that wasn’t really French toast, it was Asian-ified haha XD! He liked it, though, so that’s all that matters~ After that, we headed to Pacific Mall, where Andrew got his coveted egg waffles haha, and we just walked around. Wasn’t much to do (I was at Pacific Mall the day before), so after about an hour, we headed back to my house. Chilled again, listened to old songs from my laptop, watched crazy piano videos on Youtube, and then went to Kelsey’s for dinner at around 9:50 haha! Late dinner, we finished at 11:30, and then he drove me back home, where I proceeded to download various songs I heard in Andrew’s car and liked haha XD Mmm, it’s a nice day today. I drove for a bit with my dad earlier, so I guess I’ll proceed to making those notes for my driving instructor (he wants to see the notes that I was supposedly taking before our driving lesson tomorrow @.@) Hoping to see Andrew again on Tuesday :D

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