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Toronto Zoo with Andrew

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I went to the zoo with Andrew yesterday :) Yep, he came all the way out to visit me again. I’m going to visit him tomorrow because I feel bad that he’s always coming out :( But yep, Andrew came to my house at around 12:15, chilled for a bit and then off we went~

It was a nice day with nice sunshine. We got there at around 1:45pm, and I noticed an AFRICAN PENGUIN EXHIBIT AND NEARLY JUMPED OUTTA MY SHOES BECAUSE PENGUINS ARE LURRRRVE AND I’VE NEVER SEEN A PENGUIN IN MY LIFE. So obviously, that was the first thing I dragged Andrew to see, cute cuddly penguins. The map thing we got also said there was a feeding at 2pm, so we rushed there haha, but the keeper didn’t feed them until 2:30. I was resisting the urge to leap over the glass barrier and jump into the water and snatch a penguin. Arg, they’re so small and fat and squishy and the way they walk and waddle just tugs at my heart. Andrew must have felt pretty unloved haha. Anyway, yeah, you could also see the penguins swim under water as there was a viewing thing underneath. It was much cooler down there so we stayed for a while and I took lots of pictures :3 AHHHHHHH PENGUINS ;_; I’m soooo jealous of the penguin keeper, you have NO IDEA. It’s like such an awesome job *sigh* There was also a stand selling penguin plushies D: Arggggg I wanted one, but they were really expensive :(

So yes, after the penguins we went to see other animals~ Most of the animals were sleeping, though, as it was a warm and lazy day. The polar bear was amusing, it was napping with its bum right against the glass, so I got to see in high definition its fluffy bum and paw. A lot of people were tapping on the glass and disturbing the polar bear, though =/ Like, geez, give it a rest. I wanted to tell them to stop, but obviously that wouldn’t do anything because teenagers are bratty and they’ll just tap even more to spite you. Mmm, what other animals did we see…the lynx, zebra (Andrew called it Shadowfax and it made the person beside us laugh XP), bison, cougar, grizzly bear, several small reptiles, the Arctic wolf…didn’t really explore too much because it was getting hot and I was tired. My legs were also getting really itchy, and I kept scratching them unconsciously haha. I was soon starving so we ate lunch as the African Restaurant where the hot dog was unbelievably delicious.

After the zoo, we headed back to my house to chill, and then we went to First Markham Place for dinner~ It was around 9:30 now O_O We ate Japanese food yay :D But holy cow, we had no idea the course we ordered had so much food. The menu lied when they said it was for 2 people haha, it was clearly for 3. I guess we could have finished it, but the restaurant was closing at 10:30, so we didn’t have time :( But yep, good dinner :) Andrew then drove me back home and then I caught up Facebook and stuff because I wasn’t on it the whole day. And look, it’s 4:45pm. Time to head out for grocery shopping with my parents~

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