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Anime North 2011

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Goodness, I totally forgot to blog about Anime North. I blame Facebook and all the tagging and comments on the many pictures and albums my friends took haha XD But yes, this is a late blog, what can you do? Absolutely nothing.


Honestly, Anime North gets less and less exciting for me each year. I’ve been attending since grade 8, every year, and it’s always the same stuff, so I mainly go now as an excuse to cosplay and see friends. But of course, as the hour came closer, and Jennifer and Mac came to my house to get ready, I started anticipating it. Jennifer styled my hair for me. Don’t think I’ve ever had gel in my hair. It’s pretty cool. I cut my hair just for cosplay again, not a lot, but still. I made myself have more side bangs so Jennifer could curl it and gel it up so that my hair would flare out at the side of my face. This year, I was cosplayed as Alice from Pandora Hearts, with Jennifer as my Oz Bezarius and Mac as Gilbert Nightray (poor Alice has no last name). They arrived at my house at around 2, and we got into our costumes and awaited Michelle to grab us 4:30 or so so we could arrive at the convention at 5, which was when everything was happening. Something came up, though, not mentioning names, and we ran pretty late, so we arrived at around 6:45pm instead. I went to get my badge with Michelle, and then the rest of the day was spent looking for people haha. I also had lunch (well, my lunch anyway haha!) with Andrew, Jen and Mac at Dragon Sushi, and then it was already late. No purchases today, because everyone knows Sunday is when the deals happen. Though, I did go to the flea market thing that was happening and Andrew got me Vampire Knight volume 4 for $4, so yeah, that was pretty awesome. I wish I bought more money, the flea market had nice deals…but maybe it was a good thing I didn’t have money haha X3 Met back up with a bunch of people and then took a few pictures before anyone left. I was supposed to leave at around 10 with Michelle’s dad driving, but something came up again (once again not mentioning names), so I got picked up at around midnight, and got home late haha!


Saturday was a bit better than Friday for me. Jennifer came to my house at around 9:45, and then we got ready and went to pick up Michelle at around 10:30. I was supposed to cosplay as Dead Master today, but Jennifer wanted me to be Alice, and I didn’t have time to fix my broken wings for my Dead Master cosplay anyway. We arrived at around 11:30, because my dad took a wrong turn haha. Still the majority of it was spent looking for people. I actually entered the Dealer’s Room today, but didn’t really find anything I wanted. Except this small keychain of Black Rock Shooter’s Rock Canon, thought it looked pretty neat. I also saw some Black Rock Shooter posters I liked, but they weren’t laminated, just paper, and it was such a rip off. I usually don’t buy posters, plushies, or wall scrolls at Anime North because you can get them for much cheaper at Pacific Mall, so that mainly leaves manga and other random merchandise like coasters to buy at Anime North. Speaking of Black Rock Shooter, though, it was a very popular cosplay this year. I’m glad I wasn’t Dead Master, because I saw a lot of her. BUT I ALSO SAW MANY ALICE COSPLAYERS ;_; But anyway, yeah. Um, had a quick photoshoot with Michelle that Christopher directed. I saw the pictures today, they turned out really nice :) I shall be putting a few on my deviantART. Mmm, what else. Yeah, what else I wonder. Not much, honestly. Oh right, I ate at Milestones for the first time with Andrew. It was pretty good, the food. I still like Kelsey’s chicken pesto better, though XD Mmm, after that we went back to the convention. Normally I would be on a buying spree, but I guess I just stopped having the urge to buy things. This is good.


The last day of a sort of boring weekend. Jennifer and Mac again arrived at my house, I think around 9:45, and we got ready again. Michelle came to pick us up at around 10:30 because Jennifer needed to be at the convention before 11. We got there a little before 11, and then yep, proceeded to look for people again ahaha. Mmm, I managed to get Vampire Knight volume 3, because I thought I had it, which is why I bought volume 4 on Friday, but I didn’t, so good purchase. Yeah, no gap now. Maybe I’ll collect the series. I ate with Andrew at Harvey’s, good idea on his part because it was SO DARN HUMID out, and Harvey’s had nice air conditioning. Humidity makes me tired. I blame my tiredness on this day on the humidity. But yes, today was a short day. Andrew let early, I think around 5, because I had a photoshoot to go to with Jennifer and Mac. the shoot was fun, kinda short, as I told my parents to come pick us up at 6:15. Oh well. We also broke the law because I forgot Michelle’s sister was coming with us, so I was wondering if we would fit in the car, but luckily my mom didn’t come, so we managed to fit with Mac sitting at the front with my dad, and me, Jennifer, Michelle and Wendy crammed at the back haha. Dropped of Jennifer and Mac off first at Jennifer’s house, and then dropped off Michelle and got home at around 7:30. I should have slept right away, but of course, I decided to upload my pictures of Anime North.

Speaking of uploading things, I still have to upload a lot of pictures and videos of my cruise >.>



  Sachie wrote @

Oh god I know what you mean, I didn’t think that BRS was going to be as popular as it was… But honestly a lot of the brs cosplays weren’t even that good this year! If you had doneDM you would’ve soon out so much against the others!

Also WAHH I only saw you for a minute! ): I wish we could’ve talked for a bitlonger but Jen and I needed To go pick up our luggage D:

  yuuki wrote @

Hey, i just saw this and i was wondering if this was you guys.

  Fushi wrote @

Ahhh no this was another really well done Pandora Hearts group~ Thank you, though~ :D

  yuuki wrote @

Hey, i just saw this and i was wondering if this was you guys.
:) :)

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