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Square One and The Social Network

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Well, it’s not often Andrew tells me to blog, so I’ll blog =P

Yesterday Andrew drove all the way from Hamilton to see me D: I felt really bad >< I hadn’t seen him since the 9th, as I went on my cruise a few days later, and I just got back around midnight on Saturday, so Sunday morning. I’m glad he came out, though :3 The cruise felt really long because I wasn’t in contact with ANYONE, gosh, I felt so lonely. Yes, this is the part where I’ll admit I missed Andrew a lot =P

SO. Andrew got to my house at around 11~ We chilled for a bit. I hugged him so hard ;_; But not too hard, I seriously would have killed him if I wanted to hug him like how I hug BunBun haha X3 Anyway, my parents came home at around 12:30, and they showed pictures to us of when they were in Europe and stuff. Random, haha XD But yes, we decided to go to Square One after that, so we found the address and after 40 minutes, we were there~

Square One’s actually pretty big. And it was really hot in there D: We didn’t really buy anything, Andrew’s saving up for Anime North when he’ll buy his annual wagon of manga, and I bought enough in Europe, so yep, we just walked around and had lunch at the food court. After wandering a bit more, we decided to go to Hamilton, since we were already half way, and Andrew had his stock of movies at his place. 40 minutes later, we arrived at my house and chilled a bit more. Then Andrew took me to Dairy Queen X3 Yay! I think he knew I’ve been wanting to go, and there’s one near McMaster ^^ We shared a banana split X3!!! Teehee XD!

After that, we headed back to Andrew’s house. His mom gave me a hug when she saw me ;_; She’s so nice ;_; We then talked a little bit about my trip, and she was making dinner and asked if I wanted some, but I was full from the banana split. And Andrew ate like two thirds of it, too =P Fatty X3 I kid.

After Andrew grabbed some dinner, we decided to watch The Social Network. It was better than I thought XD I admit, the beginning was a bit hard to follow, as the witty dialogue of the main character was spoken very quickly, and Andrew had to pause a few times during the movie to explain stuff to me. But yeah, good movie :D! It’s pretty funny and clever. It surprised me when it ended because the movie really flew by, and when it ended I was like whaaaa? Already? O_O Yeah, awesome. And of course, Andrew had to explain the ending to me, too =P When the movie ended, it was already around 9:30, and it was time for me to head home, as it’s around an hour and 20 minutes back to my house :(

I fell asleep in the later half of the ride. I’m not usually that tired, but yeah, I sort of woke up a bit early =P Mmm, I got home at around 11, and I invited Andrew in for a little bit, and then he had to go :( But that’s alright, I’ll be seeing him at Anime North :D! WHICH IS VERY SOON! BUT NOT SOON ENOUGH.

Hur hur hur >D!


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