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Heading To Barcelona

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Hmm, so in a little over 2 hours, I will be heading to the airport with my parents to make my way to Barcelona, Spain! :D We’re stopping at London first, so it’s going to be a 6-7 hours flight, and then a wait, and then from London to Barcelona! We’re staying in Barcelona for 2 days by ourselves and then meeting up with family friends (ugh >.>) to go on a cruise together to Europe. I’m excited! OK, no I’m not. At least, not yet anyway. I will be once I’ve landed in Barcelona. Hmm, I don’t remember all the cities I’ll be visiting on the cruise, but I know I’ll be stopping in Venice, Rome, Vatican City, and I think Greece :D And one more which I can’t seem to remember.

My honest opinion? I’m a little nervous. The last 2 times I was on a cruise, we were rudely interrupted by hurricanes, and last year I got sick on bored :( I hope this year will be a good trip :) I’m not fond at all of the rocking, and I get headaches easily. Though, I’m fine with lots of rocking if I can see the ocean/water. Oddity.

Alright! Stuff be packed (I hope I don’t forget anything @.@), it’s almost 5, and I’m just waiting for my parents to get back home. Lalala~ I shall be bringing my laptop along again just like last time so I can blog a little bit every day, and then just copy and paste the entire file onto a blog entry hehe~ Okie dokes, cheerios for now :D!

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  selinebyron wrote @

Have fun! I want lots and lotsa pictures =D

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