When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fairview With Andrew

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The Fushi has just returned from dinner at Boston Pizza with Andrew ^^ He came to visit me today again, how nice of him X3 I always feel bad when he visits, because I’m an hour or more away and I don’t want him wasting his gas money ;_; But yep, that’s what he did today. I was a little sad last night because I was feeling very sick, and I wasn’t sure if I should tell Andrew not to come or not, but I woke up this morning and felt better :) I quickly cleaned my room, vacuumed and took a shower. Andrew arrived at around 12:45, and we saw an episode of Amazing Race (the one that I missed) on my dad’s laptop :D OMG THE SEASON FINALE IS ON SUNDAY! I’m not sure which team I want to win, as I wanted the cowboys to win before they got eliminated last time. But yes, it was an awesome episode again :D It’s fun watching with Andrew because we talk about which tasks we’d choose to do and who would be doing what and stuff, it’s pretty cool :) Would be fun if we were a team haha, but yes, Andrew’s coming over again on Monday, so I’ll be watching the finale online with him then. After we watched Amazing Race, we chilled a bit and then went to Fairview because Andrew’s a good kid and needed to buy a present for his mom~ We shopped around, there wasn’t much. We went to the Apple Store and I posted a status on Facebook there. We were also amazed at the new Ipods. They’re SO TINY now. Or maybe we’re just outdated with our Apple products haha XD I must mention that Andrew’s and my sense of fashion are polar opposites =P *Andrew shakes head in disapproval* XD Anyway, Andrew ended up buying this really cool floating candle thing that smelled nice for his mom, and I felt bad because I wasn’t buying anything for MY mom. My mom buys her own Mother’s Day gift anyway. After that, we went back to my house and then headed to Boston Pizza at around 8:30. And now I’m back home and Andrew’s on the road heading home ;_;

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