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Pacific Mall with my Wifeys

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Another blog a day late! Was supposed to blog yesterday, but I was too excited about my day and it was pretty late haha. Mmm, I went to Pacific Mall yesterday with Michelle, Sarah and Aarathi! Funny thing is we didn’t plan it XD I was supposed to go with Michelle, and Aarathi was going with Sarah to look for cosplay things, and we found out the night before that we were all going haha! So yep, Michelle arrived at my house (she drove!) at around 3:50 we met up with Aarathi and Sarah once we got to Pacific Mall (didn’t even need to text either, just bumped into them like 5 minutes after walking in! ) and just shopped around! Wheeeee girls day ^_^ It was a lot of fun! I don’t think I’ve ever splurged so much before haha! The four of us spent in total like $465 ._. Eeeeep D: I need a job. But they were such awesome deals! Michelle and I bargained a lot, that’s the awesome thing about Pacific Mall =P We also bought 2 matching things ^^ A flower-print dress and a lace top :) I find that I tend to look at more things when I’m with friends, like I notice more things as opposed to walking into a store and just going straight for the black and white clothing haha. I’m also trying (key word there, trying) to wear more colours. My dad’s been telling me for a while now that he doesn’t like me wearing black (Andrew agrees with this >.>…) so yep, trying really hard. It’s difficult, though. I really like wearing black and white. I don’t know. I like colours as accents. After an awesome day of shopping, Michelle drove me back home, where I didn’t eat dinner, but proceeded to clean my room because Andrew was going to come over tomorrow (today!) and go to Pacific Mall again haha!



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