When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

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After a not-so-fun first day of summer, in which I was forced to miss sushi with Andrew and his friends, I am back home and relaxing. The past few days were uneventful, but I finished my cosplay jacket! Yayyyy XD It’s not as perfect as I wanted it to be, I really need to watch my hands when I’m painting because I don’t realize I get paint on them and then I get it everywhere and it doesn’t come off :(

What else…oh yes! For some reason I can’t put music on my MP3 now, ever since I started using LInux D: It’s not hard either, since my MP3 is like a USB, so I just plug it in, the folder pops up, and then all I have to do is copy and paste/drag and drop my desired music file in and then I’m done. Oddly, when I did that yesterday, the file never showed up on my MP3 when I turned it on :( At first I thought the file itself was corrupted, so I tried again with different songs, and nope, none of them worked :( It’s strange because when I plug in the MP3 and view the files, the songs are there and they play fine on my laptop…oh well. I think I might try it on a different computer to see if it’s really actually Linux.

I’m going to Pacific Mall with Michelle today ^^ AND APPARENTLY AARATHI AND SARAH ARE GOING, TOO. BEST COINCIDENCE IN THE WORLD. Yep, can’t wait hehe ^_^!

Final thing! A pair of what I think are pigeons made a nest in my mom’s flower pot on our porch :D My mom discovered them last Friday, and there were 2 eggs in the nest :) The parents take turns sitting on them and keeping them warm. I took pictures and I think at least one of them hatched yesterday because I saw a chick poke its head out and the mommy birdie hurriedly hid the chick under her wing hehe. So adorable XD


  Nike wrote @

Did you know that in superstitious Chinese thought that a bird leaving in your house means good luck?

We call it 自來雀/zi loi jurk! Your laptop was fine at that time and you started to have your holidays and stuff, right? This is because animals don’t lurk in residence with bad “atmosphere” (and we’re not talking about science here). :P

  Fushi wrote @

The birds aren’t leaving D: They’ve been there for a while now :D

  Fushi wrote @

And I don’t believe in that because I got bad luck like 3 days after and it required me to miss sushi with Andrew -_-…

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