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Tumblr Recovered + Linux + Randomness

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I got my tumblr back! The support team is very nice, they actually respond to you. Unlike Facebook >.> I’m still waiting for them (Facebook) to send me an email through my McMaster email since…I have like no emails now practically. BUT ANYWAY, I’m glad my tumblr’s alive ^^

Hmm, so yeah. I haven’t been studying at all D: I have quite the number of pod-casts to watch and notes to read, but I can’t access them right now because I’m not using Windows. I’m running Linux through a USB drive to avoid being key-logged (thank you, Philip for the instructions!), but it’s only the temporary version, so it doesn’t have Java, Flash, all that stuff, to watch pod-casts with anyway, and there’s no point downloading them either because it’s temporary. I can’t watch videos, can’t go on TinierMe’s town, and I can’t watch anime. That’s alright, though. I’ve basically been talking to people through eBuddy Web Messenger. It’s not too bad XD!

I think I might actually get Philip to help me install Linux for real, instead of reformatting Windows, which Philip recommended. I like it a lot. It takes a bit of getting used to, yes, but it’s my 3rd day using it, and I really like how it works now. I especially like how I can pull tabs out and put them back in. And Linux has this application called Software Centre, and you can find ANYTHING in there, from Google Chrome (called Chromium on Linux, how awesome XD) and various other things. It’s useful. I don’t have to download anything, I just have to search it, click and TADA. Philip also told me it’s nearly impossible to hack Linux or something, which was a big selling point for me haha XD

What else. Oh yes, I’ve been working on my Alice cosplay :) I finished the details on the cuffs, now all I need is to add the sleeve details, make that weird front flap thing, and make a nice giant bow ^^ And then…make a huge red scythe. I should have worked on it yesterday, but I chose to go to P-mall instead. I splurged there really badly. But they were good deals D:! Thigh high socks for $3 D:! I remember buying my first pair (for my Shana cosplay) for $10 >.> So yep, bought 4 pairs of those. You can never have enough socks! And it seems like I like cosplays with thigh high socks hehe.

My mom also made me buy this dress that she said was nice for $45 >.> I don’t like it too much, but she insisted I needed one for our cruise -_-…yes, because the other 287368237 dresses I have won’t suffice. Mmm, I also finally got this pink knitted hat I’ve wanted for a while. I saw it a long, long, long time ago from the same store that I bought the dress. It was $35 last time. That’s crazy expensive. I remember buying my pink and light blue beanie for $35. That was crazy expensive, too, I must have been crazy. But yes, when I went yesterday the hat was on sale for $10! AHHH! I snatched it right away. I like the hat very much because there’s a cute bow sewn onto it hehe XD

I bought a ton more stuff, but I won’t go into that. Hmm, I’m hungry. Yay, ADHD!

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