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I don’t think I’ve ever gotten hacked before. At least, not my email. I’ve been hacked on Neopets way back in the day, but that’s not the point.

This morning, I woke up early, well, earlier than normal because I had to study for my exam at 2pm. And of course, I go on Facebook because that’s how I roll. To my disbelief, my password was wrong.  I don’t normally type my password either because Chrome saves it for me (started using it like 2 weeks ago, it’s super fast XD) and I started panicking. I then logged into my main email (which isn’t the email I use for FB, thank the lord) and saw a huge ton of emails from Windows Live telling me to confirm linked emails by clicking the link, or to cancel it by clicking a second link. Obviously I was like WTH at it, and clicked the second links but they were “expired”. Odd. Luckily though, my FB email is linked to my main email, so I used that and managed to reset my password on my FB email, and I thought I was safe, but it kept getting reset every 5 minutes or so. I was dumb and should have changed the password to my main email first, but I guess I didn’t do it fast enough, and I was like multitasking too because I was cramming. I requested a password reset from FB, but they needed me to prove my identity, which was extremely difficult, because they sent the link to confirm to my hacked account, which I then managed to get access to again for 5 minutes and proved my identity because it got reset AGAIN. Luckily FB said it was reset and it was going to lock it for 24 hours to be safe. Around that time I was texting everyone to see if perhaps this was a bot or something that was resetting everything. After I finally realized it was around 12, I stopped and just focused on studying, and I thought it was going to be alright, because I texted my friend Andrew (who’s a genius software engineer might I add!) and he said he would look at my laptop after my exam.

After my exam, I met up with Andrew and we found out both my emails (main one and FB one) got hacked. We couldn’t do anything, and Andrew scanned my laptop with various things from his USB. Thomas came by too (another genius TA engineer!) and we managed to trace the one of the emails that the hacker/bot was trying to link. The hacker/bot also added a phone number as a confirmation method as well, and various of my friends tried calling but it wouldn’t go through. After more ninja-ing, Andrew and Thomas traced the email to some German site. Andrew didn’t find it suspicious at first until Thomas read some of the German and found that it was a very baaaaaaaaaaaaad site. Not gonna say much about it, but it freaked me out.

ANYWAY. Andrew then contacted customer support for me, which they said give 24 hours for a reply. In the mean time, I reseted all my passwords and found that my blog (this one) password was changed, too D: But it’s alright now. The support team managed to get back to Andrew, and I THINK everything will be alright. I’m not signing in until Andrew gives me the OK.

Gosh, heart attack today.



  selinebyron wrote @

Oh my gosh, that’s terrible. :( I’m glad you managed to work everything out though! Sounds like quite a day =\

  Sachie wrote @

NOO ;__; That same thing happened to me!
What you can do with facebook is link your account to your phone! Whenever somebody logs into your account from a different computer, it’ll send you a text saying “Somebody logged in from this location, if this isn’t you go to this link to reset your pw”.

I’m not completely sure if my keylogger/hacker person is gone but I really want my twitter back. :<

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