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Ugh. Almost. 2 more exams. One this Saturday and my last one’s on the 25th. I really need a break from school.

Hmm, so my first exam went well enough o.o I walked in and was extremely nervous, but I think I did alright :) I failed miserably for my 2nd exam, which was my night class. Wow. I left a question blank, and when I asked my classmates about it after it seems like a lot of people left a lot of things blank as well. My friend Charlie even wrote a poem as an answer because he was just so lost haha XD I thought that was pretty awesome. Mmm, Population Ecology was the next day, and I was so ready to ace that exam…and I’m pretty sure I didn’t. There goes my 12 ughhhhh. And today I slacked instead of studying for my Saturday exam, which is my hardest course and the one I’m doing the poorest in. It’s Sedimentary Environments, and there’s just a whole whale-ton of stuff to memorize.

Mmmm, I watched a new anime today. Actually, I was searching up pictures of future potential cosplays when I came across a character I really liked: Homura Akemi. I really like her character design and stuff so I decided to watch the series that she was from. It’s called *pastes from Wikipedia because it’s too long* Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Yeah, mouthful. I looked up a lot of pictures and really liked the character designs (though, maybe not so much the main character’s design) so I thought maybe I would enjoy the anime. AND OMG, I love it a lot! Don’t be fooled by the childish name and stuff…it’s quite mind-blowing, the series. Lots of twists and stuff. I finished watching episode 4 and I got a bit scared haha, so I decided to stop. I’m such a chicken DX

Mmm…I want exams to be over with…*sigh*

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  Sachie wrote @

Haha yeah, Homura’s the best <3
And good luck on your exams!

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