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Surprise Birthday Dinner

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Hmm, well my 9:30 class (and only class today) was cancelled >.> Should have checked Avenue this morning or something before going haha. Now I’m just in BSB, chilling and waiting for James to finish his advanced connect-the-dots (we’re doing isopatch maps/contour lines for a lab) so why not post a blog?

Yesterday I experienced my first ever surprise birthday party XD! Andrew had asked me a few days earlier to dinner on Tuesday (March 1), which I agreed to because he wasn’t going to be here on my birthday, so I figured he wanted to do something with me. I’m so egotistical, I know. Anyway, so after school, had my MJC exec meeting, planned some stuff, finalised a poster, went to print said poster, and then I dreaded convo class because it always ends late, and I didn’t want too late a dinner, but to my surprise, no one showed up for convo class =O I texted Andrew saying we could eat dinner earlier, and he said he’d try and be down “in 40” XD I arrived back home at 7:45, texted Andrew, but it took him a while to come haha, because apparently he was buying me balloons and driving a bunch of my friends to Kelsey’s, where they were going to surprise me haha XD I should have suspected something…but I didn’t >.> I was already thinking to myself, why is Andrew taking so long? He finally arrived at 8:45 (he apparently made a reservation for 9:15) and after chilling for a bit (I presume he was stalling so that my friends could arrive before me haha), we went to Kelsey’s! Really, I was dumbfounded when I saw my friends (Michelle, Christianne, Philip, Thomas, Sari, Andrew D and James) sitting at a big table, and there were balloons, and they were all smiling, and Christianne and Thomas gave me flowers, and aww…I really couldn’t say anything @_@! Warm fuzzy feeling inside haha XD! Everyone just laughed as I stood there and like…did nothing haha! After the initial shock from me, which I think I recovered from in 10 minutes (so long!) we finally ordered our meals and just had an awesome time haha XD Lots of jokes going around and text spamming XD We stayed until around 11, when the restaurant was closing haha, and then Andrew drove everyone back, except Sari, who was taking the bus XD Woot, lots of cramming in Andrew’s van haha, broke a lot of laws for sure XD! Once everyone was home safely, Andrew drove me and Philip back to our house, and he stayed to chill for a bit. Aww…thank you, everyone, for taking some time out of your busy schedules and coming out <3


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