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ANOTHER BLOG LATE. I think it’s normal now to have blogs a few days late. Oh well, it’s another excuse for writing in past tense.

Anyway, yesterday, Wednesday, I had an awesome day with Michelle and Sarah ^^ Christianne was supposed to be there as well, but she was sick =( Originally it was a day planned for making costumes for an MJC event soon…but…you know.

So Michelle picked me up at around 1pm from my house, and then we went to P-mall to pick up Sarah to go to Fabricland to purchase some black and white fabric. Spent quite some time there, they didn’t have the black not-shiny satin that we wanted, and we didn’t want to spend $17 on each metre of shiny black satin, so we decided to be cheap and bought fabric that was $4 each metre. We purchased 8 metres of white and 5 metres of black. Heavy bag. So yep, bought a lot of fabric, and then we went to Markville mall across the street to buy black blouses…but of course we got side-tracked and it became just a day of shopping at the mall XD Sarah had never been to Markville mall before, so yeah, had lots of fun checking out the stores and stuff ^^ We all bought matching shirts haha! Totally planning on wearing it on the same day soon. Also enjoyed a nice Cinnabon, and we spent quite some time at Walmart, where we found decent blouses. I also bought 5 packs of 8 mini muffins o.o I love blueberry muffins! XD

It was around…7 when Michelle’s parents came to pick all three of us up. I managed to convince Sarah and Michelle to sleepover at my house haha, because we still wanted to get started on costumes, despite it being quite late. After I made instant noodles, microwave dinners, and blueberry Eggo waffles with ice cream for my wifeys, we watched a bit of TV and then finally got started on the costumes. Michelle’s sewing machine wouldn’t listen to her, so it went much slower than we thought it would. I also made ruffles by hand…and then at around 1 in the morning we were all just glue-guning everything…hems included haha XD! But you can’t tell anyway XD I can’t wait until we’re done all 5 costumes XD! We went to sleep at 2:30? Michelle slept on my floor with my many teddy bears and Sarah slept on my bed. We got up this morning at 8:45 because Sarah had an appointment and Michelle wanted to play badminton with her friends, so yep, quickly got ready and Michelle’s parents picked them both up at around 9:15. Andrew was coming to pick me up to go to Vaughan Mills at 11:30 anyway.

Ok, new blog entry for Vaughan Mills today~


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