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Vaughan Mills and The King’s Speech

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Wheeeee fun day today XD Went to Vaughan Mills with Andrew and I also saw Whitney and Jacky =D

So yep, continuing from my previous blog entry, after Michelle and Sarah left, I took a shower and then Andrew came to my house at 11:30 =D Chilled for a while, I wasn’t ready when I let him in, still had to blow dry my hair…but he was 7 minutes early! Yes, an excuse. Anyway, after chilling we left at around 1:45 and headed to Vaughan Mills =D Got there at around 2:10, it was nice and empty, just how I like my malls ^^ The last time I was here with my parents a few weeks back it was packed like mad >.> But yes, today it was nice and quiet, and it was Andrew’s first time to Vaughan Mills, too! XD We basically just window shopped, didn’t really buy anything. We had a small lunch at the food court. To be honest I still felt awkward shopping around with Andrew, I’m not sure why =/ I guess I just have to do it more often so I get used to it. Maybe I’m embarassed to go into stores that interest me…but I know Andrew really liked that huge hockey store haha XD I wish I was more of a hockey fan but I’m not =/ We left at around 5:00 because Andrew wanted to avoid traffic, and we had to pick up Whitney. It didn’t take us long to loop the mall at all…I thought it would take longer XD

So yep, we got to Whitney’s house at 5:25 and arrived at First Markham Place at around 5:40? We were really early for our movie (The King’s Speech) at 6:30, so we walked around the mall and I bought a lot of cherry Coke candy o.o I’m addicted to them haha, and according to Whitney, Jacky’s mad about them, too XD At around 6 we headed back to the theatre where we met up with Jacky =) Andrew treated me to the movie plus popcorn (which we didn’t finish and I took half the bag home) and a drink o.o Apparently he has a lot of coupons o.o Thank you, Andrew XD

The King’s Speech was better than I thought it would be o.o Andrew’s mom and Sarah were both telling me good things about it, but I wasn’t expecting much because it’s not really my type of movie. It’s good that I didn’t really expect much from it since it turned out pretty good. Random funny parts here and there haha, and I had to ask Andrew a few things to clarify as usual =P I’m sure Andrew enjoyed it, though, since it’s pretty heavily weighted on history XD

After the movie, at around 8:40, we all decided to have dinner at Boston Pizza because it was near my house, so less driving XD Good dinner ^^ Whitney took a video of me sniffing my bag of coke candy, which looked like white powder in the camera haha XD Andrew tried Pocky for the first time! XD I bought him 2 packs (Strawberry and Chocolate) and made him open one when we were seated. I think he likes them? I hope he does XD Anyway, I’m still very full…and we all shared that huge chocolate explosion cake or whatever its called. Whitney ate most of it haha, not surprising since it was really good =P

After we all felt our pants get tighter, we left at around 10:45. Jacky drove Whitney home and Andrew drove me back. He couldn’t come in for a bit because it was getting really late, and it’s an hour drive back to Hamilton. Hmm…it’s almost 12. I’m tired XD Ok, I shall be off~ I promised Andrew I’d be in bed when I got back home =P

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