When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Reading Week

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Ahhhh, Reading Week, how I have awaited thee~ Mhmm, feels great XD Lots of free time to do whatever I want. Actually, I have a few things to do…such as my home audit lab thing and study for my Climate midterm. But yeah, maybe later on during the week hehe~

I went to Sherway Gardens and Square One with my dad yesterday o.o Sherway Gardens was pretty boring for me…hardly any stores that I liked, and everything was very expensive. Square One was better, but I didn’t really walk around too much because they closed at 6. I had a staring contest with a snake, though? It was so cute XD I love baby snakes. Also had a hot pot dinner with family friends last night. 11 people, including myself and parents. Mmm…not a big fan of parents’ friends. I feel as if  they still treat me like a little girl…and I’m almost 21 >.> So I just ate and left. It was loud in my house until 12:30 or so.

Hmmm, later on today I’m going to a meeting at York University with various execs of Japanese clubs from different universities. Jennifer will be there, she was the one that planned it? XD I hope it goes well. Not sure if we’re doing anything after o.o Would be nice if we did.

What else…mmm, I believe I’m going to Vaughan Mills with Andrew on Tuesday ^^ I can’t wait =D I got a feeling I’m going to avoid every store again, though…I don’t know why I’m like that with Andrew =( And then Christianne, Michelle and Sarah are coming over on Wednesday so we can make…things. I can’t say because it’s top secret stuff! XD!


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