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Pangaea 2011

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Mmmm. It feels nice to sleep. Pangaea and preparing for it makes people sleep-deprived. Anyway, if you haven’t clued in, Pangaea 2011 was yesterday! Thoughts? Well, I kind of already knew it wasn’t going to be up to my standards. My friends and I weren’t expecting much after we got assigned a small room >.> Our pavillion didn’t have as many things as last year, but we did what we could.

So why am I sleep-deprived? Many reasons actually, like how I woke up early on the 12th to finish my essay (since I would have no time to finish it, and it was due on the 14th), but the main reason is that we started cooking and preparing food for Pangaea the night before at 10:30pm. Yep, we cooked all night. We were going to start at 5pm (we really should have started earlier, but I had to finish my assignment, and people had things to do anyway), but the Pangaea council said we had to set up the room at 6-8 (Andrew managed to bargain with them and asked for 6-9:30), so we decided to start cooking after, since there was no point in cooking for an hour and then heading to the Student Centre to set up. Set up took a while. We stole 2 tables haha, luckily no one found out. *sigh* Set up was so depressing because there wasn’t room for anything =( We were given 2 fat tables that joined together to make an oval, and they couldn’t even separate…hence the table stealing. The stupid fat oval table took up so much space, too -_- Anyway, we couldn’t finish setting up everything as we didn’t have a lot of our stuff there at the moment (Justine,  our main kimono provider was coming the next morning) so yeah. Left at around 9:10, went back to my place to commence cooking (volunteers were already waiting), and realized we forgot to buy cucumbers for the sushi. Ahaha, awesome. After Andrew and Wen went to buy it, we officially started cooking at 10:30ish. Yeah. Last year we started at around 7 and finished at 4 in the morning. This year…well you get the idea. I didn’t sleep, along with a few others. What took the longest this year was making mochi, since we were making them from scratch, paste included! The anko beans had to be soaked and heated for 3 hours before we could really do anything with them >.> And we started working on them late. Ahhhh. All of us were really unorganized this year =(

We finally declared things were finished at…5. And we still had to clean up everything >< Philip and I washed a lot of dishes…haha XD I was so exhausted…and I still needed to go to Michelle’s house to make chocolate covered strawberries for Andrew haha (since I thought I wouldn’t be seeing him on the 14th, so I had to give them to him during Pangaea XD). At around 5:45, Michelle and I headed over to Michelle’s house and Andrew (D) went back to his place to get all his Japanese things that he would be putting on display at the Pavillion (Sarah slept on my bed, and Kevin and Katrina were passed out on the couches). The Pangaea council said we had to be at our rooms at 8, so really there wasn’t time for sleep, since I had asked Andrew (my Andrew) to be at my house at 7:30 to help carry trays of food and things to school (he has a van yay!).

An unfortunate turn of events (Michelle misplacing her keys) made us even more short on time. She managed to get in her room with the help of her housemate at around 6:10, who also happened to be the landlord’s son, so he had spare keys. Omg this is hard to explain, and 2 Andrews make it even more confusing. Ok. We shall call them Andrew and Treasurer Andrew from now on. So I had originally asked Andrew to be  at Treasurer Andrew’s house to pick up his stuff at 7, and then head to Michelle’s house at 7:15 to pick up more stuff, and then finally at my house at 7:30 to grab food. We decided to change plans, Treasurer Andrew would go to Michelle’s house with his things instead so Andrew would only have to go to Michelle’s house at 7:15 and not as early. After Treasurer Andrew left to go to his house to grab his things, Michelle and I started on the strawberries. At 6:15 @_@!

Yeah. That was interesting. Fondue kits are awesome, I’m glad Michelle had one. It was my first time trying this, so Michelle helped me a lot and I followed her instructions. I wanted to make both chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries, but the white chocolate I made wouldn’t really stay on the strawberries >.> I think it was too thin. I ended up just using it to add stripes above the normal chocolate. I also made pink chocolate from food colouring haha. It looked nice, pink and brown. Mmm…anyway. Yeah. The box I bought was too small (or the strawberries I picked too large…>.>). I guess that’s a good thing, though, I didn’t want to give my failed ones to Andrew haha XD I managed to finish all the strawberries (while Michelle went to shower), at around 7? But they still had to be frozen ;_; So I decided I’d go back to Michelle’s house later sometime during Pangaea to get the strawberries. It turns out I went back after Pangaea ended and we had cleaned up the room (so at around 6:45ish, and Andrew drove haha, as he we had a lot of stuff to carry), and the strawberries were frozen solid @_@ Michelle helped me get them off the plates with a fork. Part of me didn’t want to give them to Andrew because they looked retarded…but yeah, I did. Took guts. I just shoved the box into him when we were outside the door.

After that, we headed to Mandarin for dinner! Andrew made a reservation for 8:10, but apparently the lady set up the wrong table or something, so we had to wait a bit. Arg, I was pretty tired by then…I also felt really bad because I didn’t eat much…since I ate during Pangaea earlier. But I didn’t even eat that much, not sure why I felt full after eating so little. Arg. I felt horrible =( And I kept nodding off on him >.> Kinda wish we went a little earlier though, as Mandarin closed at 9:30, but we couldn’t anyway because of Pangaea. Andrew drove me back home after, and stayed until 12ish so it would really be Valentine’s Day XD!

Anyway, I guess Pangaea was alright. I think my contacts had fused with my eyes, because they hurt after I took them out. Next year I hope we get a bigger room, and we definitely have to start cooking earlier haha. 

Mmm…oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day XD


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