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OK. My stupid blog didn’t save and I have to type this all over again. Ok. Ugh.

So. I totally didn’t blog about Chinese New Year. Nothing happened anyway. I didn’t get as many red pockets this year because I didn’t follow my mom around to “claim money” haha XD Mm, so yeah. What’s new? Well, I was enlightened yesterday because I learned a very interesting fact:

Guys don’t use toilet paper when they go pee.

What. Yeah. I honestly didn’t know this. Wow. 20 years, almost 21 years, of obliviousness. I found this out while waiting for Andrew to pick me up yesterday.

SO how did it go? I decided to go eat dinner with Natasha and Philip who were chatting in the kitchen. It started out as a normal conversation. We were saying how everyone was moving out next year and how we weren’t looking forward to new housemates. Then Natasha mentioned a certain bad housemate upstairs who seriously is very inconsiderate of other poeple and a spoiled little kid, the one who smokes and the smoke always gets into my room whose name I shall not mention. Anyway, so apparently this bad housemate buys a lot of toilet paper for the upstairs bathroom, and Natasha feels bad using it because apparently girls use more toilet paper than guys.  This was when I was like wait, what? Why do girls use more? Girls and guys should on average go empty their bladders about the same number of times, right? I was seriously baffled. And Natasha did the honours of explaining. Yeah. Ahaha, it was very funny and awkward, especially because Philip was there haha XD But yeah, I didn’t believe them at first, so I texted Andrew to confirm omg hahaha, I can only imagine how stupid and retarded I must have looked to him. That’s ok, though. Yeah. In the words of Andrew: Happy New Year!

So yep, interesting conversation in Andrew’s car all the way to his house haha! Had some fun with his Kinect for a bit, omg I’m so unfit =( Kinect is really fun, we played this adventure one where you had to avoid obstacles by jumping and ducking and you had to collect pins. I got tired after like 4 games >.> Yep, I need to excercise more.

Hmm, I can’t wait until Reading Week! I believe Andrew and I are going to Vaughan Mills on one of those days, he’s never been! XD But before that, I have to survive these 2 weeks >.> I have 2 assignments, 2 labs and 3 midterms to go. That plus Pangaea and preperations for it on top, eeep >.> Yeah, no motivation as usual. How typical.


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  Nike wrote @

Aww! You didn’t go Red Pocket hunting?
And you call yourself Asian! =P

Vaughan Mills is too crowded with people, I hate it there…. I usually just go to EB games and Toys R Us when my parents drag me along….

P.S. Apparently guys don’t wash their hands too often from what I observe…. Especially old men….

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