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Ear still plugged. Doctor confirmed my ear infection on Wednesday. She told me it should go away with my cold, but if it’s not gone by Friday to go back and she’ll perscribe antibiotics for me. And today is Friday. Going to my appointment soon. It’s at 3:50pm. I totally could have gone home yesterday because I found out my only class today was cancelled. And now I have to wait until my appointment to go home. Speaking of last night, an army of drunk idiots outside the house woke me up, and perhaps everyone up. They were yelling and cursing and then they banged loudly¬†repeatedly on the front door for about a minute or so until SOMEONE let them in. What. They started making a lot of noise, still swearing and basically acting like a plethora of retards. I couldn’t stand it anymore because I needed sleep, and it was 3am, so after getting tipped off that they were all crammed into Vinay’s room, and realizing that no one was going to tell them to shut up, I marched up there, knocked loudly on the door, and basically told them to get out of the house or I’d call the police. After mocking me for 5 minutes they finally left. Holy screw. I don’t think I’ve ever been that pissed before. And this isn’t the first time. Vinay has on several occasions brought his legion of stupid companions over to wreak havoc. Amy and I left angry notes for him on the front door this morning. He took them off. I also glared at him when I saw him in the kitchen. Ugh. I do not understand how people think these days. If you want to get drunk, fine. Get drunk and stay in your house, don’t drive to other people’s houses and invade and wake everyone up. And people wonder why I don’t drink. I don’t find acting like a wounded camel a very attractive thought.

Anyway, I shall get packing. Heading home today.



  deathgeneral1000 wrote @

Nice form of active protest, yes. However, if I were you I would go passively where I would coax them by making myself sound really sick like fake coughing myself hard as to scare them off.

I remember back when my housemates made lots of noise from playing online games in the middle of the night. I went on bittorrent so as to make the whole internet connection go slow so that they would cease their games and go to sleep. 8D

  blobsofdoom wrote @

I didn’t have to fake sick haha, and I was quite sick and coughing a lot, but they didn’t care =P

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