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Girls Night

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Late blog! But yes! Had an awesome ladies night on January 1st XD! Great start to the new year, if I must say so myself~

Yessums. The day had a plan. Michelle was supposed to pick me up at around 12, we’d drop off our things at Sarah’s house, meet up with Aarathi and chill at this place called Cafe Princess or something, then head back to Sarah’s place to eat dinner and then get ready for clubbing and then commence the sleepover. Unfortunately the day wasn’t that well planned, and Whitney couldn’t join us either ;_; After last minute planning on MSN, we just decided to have dinner at Sarah’s and then go clubbing.

Sooooo, Michelle came to pick me up at around 5:30, and her parents dropped us off at the subway. We got a day pass, which was $10 for both of us, since we would be using it again to go to Frequency later (clubbing) and it was cheaper than buying tokens ($3 each way). Had lots of fun with Michelle’s phone during the ride! Her phone has this free application that’s similar to purikura, so we passed the time taking pictures and decorating them hehe XD We then met up with Aarathi and Sarah who were waiting at Osgoode I believe, took a short bus ride, and then walked to Sarah’s place!

So yep, got to Sarah’s house in once piece! She gave us a quick tour,  made us pasta and then we just had fun taking pictures and talking and chilling XD Sarah’s house is so nice and cozy. It’s a really homey house, like in those classic movies. Michelle agrees with me haha. I must mention Sarah’s collie, Cody, really dislikes me. Sarah said Cody was just shy, but yes, I was a bit sad I couldn’t cuddle with her dog haha. 

At around 8:15, we started getting ready to go to Frequency. We wanted to get inside before 11pm, cuz it would be free, and it takes about an hour to get there. We left at around 9:45, and Sarah’s dad was nice enough to give us a lift to the subway station, which saved us walking time yay! We got to the club early, like around 10:20, so we chilled at the nearby IMAX theatre because the place looked sketchy, and it was cold anyway. We went back in line when they kicked us out because they were closing. Michelle signed us up for the free guest list but they didn’t get our names, but the nice man said we could get free admittance anyway. The inside of the club was bigger than I imagined. It also had a 2nd floor, but it wasn’t open. So yep, we went in and just chilled~ Had lots of fun making up dance moves inspired from household chores (like wiping the windows and grocery shopping) hahaha! That was fun XD The DJ could have been better, I think I only heard a few songs that I actually knew. We were about to leave at 1, but then a good song started to play, so we decided to leave at 1:15. The night would have ended nice, if I didn’t get a drink spilt on me. Michelle saw it happen, a guy flung his drink at a girl’s face >.> She got alcohol in her eyes, that must have hurt >.> As for me, I got it all over my left side, joy. Mmm, anyway. Took a taxi back to Sarah’s, got back at around 1:40 or so.

We didn’t sleep right away haha! Had fun eating cake, chips, taking pictures again and just being crazy hehe! We went to sleep at around 3 or so, all of us sleeping in Sarah’s living room XD Unfortunately at around 5, I woke up from a really bad tummy ache. Won’t talk about that, but I felt better after around 40 minutes and went back to sleep.

The plan was Michelle and I would wake up and get to the subway before 9 because that was when our day pass would expire. Yep. Didn’t happen. We did wake up at 8, but yes, went right back to sleep. We all slept until around 12 haha! Then we got up and had cake for breakfast yum~ We finally left at around 1:15, and Sarah’s dad was nice enough to give us a lift yet again, which was great because it was freezing >< Mhmm, so Michelle and I parted ways with Aarathi at the subway since we were going in opposite directions, and then Michelle’s dad picked us up at Sheppard and drove me back home! And then I showered and packed and my parents drove me back to Hamilton. Got back in one piece and hung out with Andrew =D Also ate Chinese food at his place because his mom insisted and I didn’t eat yet anyway XD We were supposed to watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but his brother decided to take the movie haha~ Next time, next time.

OK. I’m going to sleep. First class of the year was cancelled (9:30) and my next one is at 7:00, since tutorials don’t start this week. Yep. Good night~

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