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NISETAIIIIIIIIIII XD! Ahaha, wow, it’s been forever since we got together and did some Nisetai-ing. I woke up late, took a shower, and Jennifer came at around 11:15 and we commenced some extreme Tegomasu photoshoots haha! OUR CLOTHES WERE SO ACCURATE AHHHH. Though I must say self-timer is extremely difficult haha! Ivana, Ida and Dara came at around 12:00, and then we started working on the CMs and more photos. It was really fun haha! I took a lot of out take photos. Jennifer has this really cool tripod and stuff, really a step up from last time. Just lots of fun around trying to get every last detail into our photos and stuff XD I’m sure people who don’t know what Nisetai is will have no idea what this blog is about. ANYWAY. Whitney came at around 3:30 and did her Yamapi parts really quick hehe, so yep! Good progress on Nisetai today! XD Everyone then left at around 6, except Whitney, so my parents decided to drag her along for dinner haha! Came back at around 8:00, and then sent pictures and traded songs with Whitney XD! She just left, and now I believe I am off to bed. Hanging out with Andrew tomorrow~

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