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MJC Winter Chilling Extravaganza

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As promised, a blog post catch up is in order. Mmm, so yesterday was the annual MJC fun chilling day at Eaton’s! I woke up early, took a shower, and then Whitney came over at 11, since she was joining us as well XD Went to pick up Michelle at 11:10, picked up Amy at 11:30, and then we were on our way XD! My dad drove us to the entrance at Dundas subway exit, and then I mass spammed everyone and most of us met up in front of H&M and then headed to the food court to have lunch =) Everyone arrived at around 1:30, and then we basically split up and did our own stuff. Amy managed to find her book at Indigo, and then it was just pure walking around. I made everyone meet up at the Swarovski Christmas tree and took pictures hehe XD At around 3:30 we headed to Nathan Philip Square to go skating, but the line was extremely long, so Aarathi suggest we go back later, since the little children would be going home. After that, I followed Michelle, Aarathi, Whitney, Sarah and Ronnie into Victoria’s Secret o.o First time in that store, I like their fake drawers haha! I spent most of my time going around and sniffing bottles so I was some drug addict because everyone knows I like smelling things. Mhmm, there was a deal happening, 7 items for $35, so naturally everyone picked out a few items and yep, I got myself 4 tubes of lotion (one for my mom) because the packaging really got me o.o And the lotion was sparkly! I like sparkly things. Anyway, yep, after that wandered around some more, bought more things, and then went back to Nathan Philip Square to check on the line, and indubitably it was much shorter. Kevin and Andrew came, but I ended up not skating, and Michelle and Amy also, so it was just Ronnie, Sarah, Aarathi and Ronald. The rest of us headed over to a nearby Timothy’s to stay warm and kept a watch over Aarathi’s and Sarah’s belongings. At around 6:50, we met up with Jaclyn, Christianne and Thomas and walked over Korean Grill House or something for KBBQ dinner! Unfortunately we had to wait AN HOUR to be seated, even though we had reserved for 7:15 -_- But anyway, it was still  fun times all around. I ate 3 bowls of rice…o.o Mhmm, it was yummy hehe. We ended at around 10, and a lot of people had to leave to catch the GO train, so karaoke ended up not happening, but that’s ok! Michelle, Amy, Whitney and I subwayed back to Finch Station, and then my dad picked us up and dropped them off. I got home at around 11:45, and went to sleep because I was tired hehe, WHICH IS AN AWESOME THING. Mhmm, it’s 11:11. MAKE A WISH.

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