When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.


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Yes. They have started. I just flunked Ecology today. And I just got home from my Environmental Sciences poster presentation. Both 50%. I didn’t talk at all for the presentation thinger, Jordan and Lindsay did all the talking, which was really good, because I would have froze up and just screwed everything over. It was so lame, the organization of the presentation. We had to present 4 times separately, once each for 2 profs and 2 TAs. And each person had to go around and watch a random group picked out for you and you had to grade them. Pretty much everyone gave everyone perfect, which was good I guess.

I had expired chicken noodle soup today. Well, half. Yeah, that was dumb of me. I thought it tasted funny, but I kept telling myself otherwise. Then I went to talk to the cashier lady and she was like, oh yeah, it’s gone bad. Yeah. I got a free salad in exchange?

I don’t feel too well.

My mom took Wiz to the vet today. Turns out some bacteria got in his eye. He sent some samples to a lab or something so they could find out what it is, and then prepare some medicine. $200 gone in 10 minutes, not including medicine. Oh boy. I want to be a vet.


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