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YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHH DISTANT WORLDS LAST NIGHT OMG. Ok, I have no idea where to begin. Um. GAH. IT WAS SOOOOOOO EPIC. My first time ever seeing an orchestra live. GOOD FIRST TIME. Omg. EPIC CONCERT WAS EPIC. I wish I took more pictures. Yes, I shall attempt to post pictures on here…

Um…ok. Let’s start from the beginning. Andrew came and picked me up at around 3:30 so we could catch the 4:10 GO train from Burlington. It was quite the chilly day, but I didn’t want to wear jeans to a concert…>.> Semi-casual yay! Mhmm, got to the station 15 minutes early, went on the train, and arrived at Union Station at around 5:06pm. We were gonna meet my parents at Dundas in front of Eaton’s for a quick dinner before the concert, which was starting at 8pm. Mhmm, so we walked from Union to Dundas, which took about 15 minutes or so. Finally spotted my mom standing inside H&M and then proceeded to hunt down restaurants around the area that didn’t have 3826876 people waiting in line. We tried Pickle Barrel, and the lady said we’d have to wait an hour, so then we looked at Hard Rock Cafe, which also had a massive line as well. We were considering Baton Rouge, but then my dad was like, we’ll take the car and go somewhere else, so my mom suggested Fune, THE AWESOME JAPANESE RESTAURANT.

Yep yep, arrived at around 6. Fune is so awesome! It has the rotating sushi bar but it’s actually like little wooden boats going around in water except a conveyor belt! Yeah, that place was quite empty, but I liked it that way. My mom knew a friend who was serving us the sushi. Mhmm, I think Andrew was quite uneasy the whole night…sorry, Andrew =( He relaxed much more when we were done with dinner, which was around 7:35. After that, and were dropped off at the Sony Centre for Performing Arts.

EXCITEMENT AHHHHHHHHHH. We ran into Michelle, Chii and Erik right away and started photo-bombing haha! There were some merchandise on sale, such as CDs and T-shirts and posters as well. I wish I got a T-shirt, they were only $15, according to Michelle ;_; Speaking of Michelle, she looked sooooo pretty ahhhhhhh XD! She was actually all dressed up and stuff…gah, I wish MJC had more formal nights, would be so much fun. BUT ANYWAY. Yeah, after that we proceeded into the CONCERT HALL and Michelle and Erik went to grab a quick snack.

MEZZANINE FRONT ROW TO THE RIGHT. Epic seats I must say. I think they were the best seats actually, better than front row seats on the first floor, because if I was that close, all I’d be seeing would be the musicians’ music stands. I could see everything from the Mezzanine, from the front of the orchestra to the back, as well as the giant screen that would be playing the clips from the game. Yep yep, I was excited.

Ok, the actual concert. It really was amazing. I have to admit, I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games, and I’ve basically only seen Advent Children, but I still enjoyed myself a lot. That’s how wonderful it was. I did recognize a couple pieces, like To Zanarkand and One Winged Angel, and a few others because Andrew had played them for me in his car before. Ahhhh! There was this opera one I really liked, with 2 tenors and a saprano. That was really, really amazing. There was another one featuring a solo vocalist, but I thought her voice was rather weak. Andrew said she sang really quietly, and the one line where they got the concert name from (Distant Worlds) wasn’t even heard. Mmm, what else. OH YEAH. NOBUO UEMATSU WAS THERE. Ahaha, he’s so cool. The second he walked in, the place errupted into applause and he was photo-bombed like a celebrity haha! I was too far to take a picture, though. He did sing with the choir for the last piece, though! One Winged Angel! Ahaha, too cool.

I saw Ivana and Priscilla again! Ivana waved to me from the first floor during intermission haha, that was funny. I wish we could have chilled earlier, but apparently she arrived a little before Intermission =/

The concert ended at around 10:30. And yes, they played an encore, which was One Winged Angel XD That was really good haha. Afterwards, just chilled with everyone for a bit, and Andrew and I missed our 10:43 train…which was my fault because I kept taking pictures with everyone. Our next one wasn’t until 11:43, so yep, kept chilling and took more pictures haha! After a few more minutes, everyone was leaving, so Andrew and I went to the station and had a Cinnabon XD Mmmm, Cinnabon =w= Yep yep. Anyway, train comes, we get on, and at around 12:40 we’re back in Burlington! Andrew then drove me back home, and I got back at around 1:15. You would have thought I’d go to bed right away, but noooo, went on FB and uploaded the pictures I took haha!


 Everyone! XD!


The large screen played clips from the game =)

Pretty! XD

Andrew and moi XD!

Ahhh, ok, no more pictures. It’s really annoying, uploading pictures onto here. Mmm, yep. Good day yesterday! XD Wow, it’s already past 2 pm.


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