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One Year + Happy Birthday, Whitney!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY! AHHHHH! I’m sad that I cannot celebrate it with you, nor did I go to your surprise party a few days before, but I hope you have an awesome day anyway! I miss you! I shall most definitely hang out with you sometime soon <3

Mmm…yeah. Recapping on yesterday yet again because I got home late. Yesterday (November 24) was my one year with Andrew X3 Eeep @_@ Time really flies by…really hard to believe it’s been a year already. We couldn’t really hang out during the day because of classes and we both had stuff to do (I had to teach Conversation Classes and Andrew had some meet the professors thingy going on) but we were both free after 8:30 =) We decided to have a quick dinner and arrived at Kelsey’s at around 9:10, which gave us plenty of time to eat before the last Harry Potter showing at 10:30pm XD The theatre was RIGHT beside the restaurant as well haha, how convenient. Mmm, food took forever, service was slow, and I didn’t really order anything, just ate the salad that came with Andrew’s meal haha. BUT WE DID HAVE A DELICIOUSSSSS APPLE CRUMBLE FOR DESSERT 8D I love that thing…*drools* Yeah…Andrew insisted he pay for dinner…and he paid for my movie ticket prior online as well =/ Mhmm, we left at around 10:10 and walked to the theatre. We were quite early, and no there were only a few people inside! Mhmm, I like empty movie theatres XD

Alright, so about the movie. It was better than I thought it would be. Maybe it was because I didn’t remember ANYTHING…I should have reread the book beforehand. I had to keep asking Andrew what was happening haha…but yeah, now I have to wait forever to watch the 2nd part. Ron really really REALLY annoyed me…I wanted to punch him so many times while watching, but that was how he was in the book, so I can’t blame him. There were a few scenes that I thought were unnecessary…and some scenes that never happened. I also did hide my face behind Andrew’s jacket for a good 2 minutes or so because there was a scary part…or maybe I’m just a chicken. Mmm, good movie, though! I really can’t wait for the 2nd part to come out XD

The movie ended at around 1am haha. So late XD But it was worth it =) Andrew drove me home, and then I studied Japanese for a little bit before going to sleep. So yeah. Good night XD And thank you, Andrew <3

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