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Good weekend =) I haven’t been home for…3 weeks or so. It was nice to be back =) And +1 hour during the weekend! Extra win XD I went to the JCCC with my dad on Saturday for their Road to Asia Festival. It was alright, kind of expected better. Really wanted a pair of geta but they were quite the expensive.

Mhmm, so I’m back in Hamilton. Fail story today, getting back. So my parents and I left the house at around 3:10 to go to Amy’s store to pick up food her parents prepared for her and then head to Hamilton. And then we realized we forgot the transponder. So we went back to our house to get the transponder, which was in my mom’s car. And then off we went again…and we were on the highway when the signal/symbol for the engine lit up…and my dad was like, oh dear, something wrong with the engine. *sigh* Poor Rav4, it’s dying…10 years or so, and a few weeks back black smoke was coming out of the exhaust. We got it fixed, though, I hope it’s not a big problem this time. Anyway, so yeah, the engine light went on, and my dad decided it wasn’t safe to continue driving, so we went back home again. Started to move everything into my mom’s car, and my mom found out the pasta sauce she made for me was leaking. I got some on my jacket while I was holding it so my mom could find tissue =( Went back inside to get another jacket. And then yay, finally made it to Hamilton at 5:20.

Mmm…I finished my jar of Dole sliced pears ._. They were addicting. I was hoping they’d last me a few days…but nope, devoured it. Oh, I think I’m catching a cold. I have a runny nose and it hurts when I swallow. Time to chug Vitamin C like no tomorrow.


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