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Yay! A movie entry XD! Wait, rewind.

So yesterday I hung out with Andrew again ^^ He came to pick me up at around 6:20, and after much indecisiveness from me because I didn’t know where I wanted to eat, Andrew narrowed it down for me and we went to Mandarin =) We finished eating at around 9? I don’t remember hehe, but then we headed back to his place so we can watch a movie, woot! I haven’t seen a movie with Andrew since Jumper a few weeks back. Last night I saw Paprika with him =) It’s so cool! It’s like an animated version of Inception haha! Mhmm, I enjoyed that very much…more than I thought I would XD Good thing Andrew was there to explain and clarify things for me as usual or I’d be so lost. More than half the time I was staring and couldn’t believe what was happening on the TV screen haha. It was really…cool and…I don’t know, but I found myself saying to myself “Wow, I wish I could do that O_O!” a lot XD  Mmm, yeah definitely recommend it, especially if dreams is your thing. And oh my, the film is the first one that uses a Vocaloid for various tracks =O YAY WIKIPEDIA. Yeah, the film had a really catchy theme to it *goes to listen*

Mmm, so what am I doing now. I’m sitting in the SC with nothing to do. I had planned to work on my Hydrogeology lab (which took my smart friends like a week to do) because I haven’t started on it and it’s due on Friday, but I left all my data at home gah. Yep. I’m gonna be cramming it…ugh, it looks really hard and…mathy. I HATE MATH ;_; So yep, in my attempt to avoid math for as long as possible, I am just sitting here. I really should go back home and work on it, though…but it’s cold out, and once I’m home I know I won’t want to go back out again. And I have conversation class tonight at 6:45.

Honey cruller! XD


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  deathgeneral1000 wrote @

Paprika’s pretty cool! I remember watching that back in 2008 AN in one of the rooms at Doubletree. I like the fat guy.

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