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Happy Halloween!

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Mmm, I used to just post cute little emoticons for my Halloween entries, but I’m too lazy and I had a really cool dream last night/this morning, so I shall post that instead! But before that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IVANA XD! *throws Jin at you* You have now joined the ranks of cool people =P

Annnnnd onto my dream. YAY FOR NOTEPAD COPY AND PASTING.

I had an epic dream last night. Another dream where I knew it was a dream. I really didn’t want to wake up. I kept trying to keep the dream going. But of course, good things always come to an end.

Let’s see. It’s really a blur now because I woke up multiple times, slipping in and out of it. I knew I was running. Not sure from what, but I was definitely in a hurry to go somewhere. Maybe I was in danger. That’s a very common thing I find about my dreams. I’m always in a hurry or in danger. Anyway, it felt like one of those cruise days where you get to your destination and you rush to try and jam as many things into your schedule as possible because you can only stay at the place for a few hours. Moving on.

There were islands. The most beautiful islands you can imagine. Start imagining! Actually I’m not sure if you can even call them islands. Very detailed HUGE rocks in the water with a lot of plants and stuff. They were seperate but not really, nothing make sense in dreams whatever. It was like those rocks I visited during my cruise but like 2873628 times bigger and had more plant life. It was like an oversized underground cave system minus the creepy part and the fact that it’s open to the sky. It was sunny. A very nice day. I remember this sign that said Dauma Islands or something. Is that a place? *does a search* Nope. Omg, haha, I got bird and zoology results from Google hahaha. Ok.

So I realized it was a dream somewhere in the middle. I was exploring the place alone. I wasn’t alone before, there was this…um, let’s just say “tourguide” that was showing me around. Not even sure if the tourguide was a person now that I think about it, but SOMETHING was definitely guiding me around the place, showing me around and stuff. I must mention I’m scared of heights. At one point we were really REALLY high up somewhere and gah, it was like dragging me to walk VERY VERY CLOSE TO THE EDGE OF THE ROCKS and I remember this falling feeling, because I DID fall…but I was walking…and falling…at the same time…it makes no sense, but the guide was “holding” onto me, so I didn’t really fall, but I was definitely falling and OMG THE WORD IS GLIDING. Oh! Yes I had a camera with me…but it just vanished…now that I think back to it haha.

So I was just trying to find my way around when the tourguide ditched me. I felt a bit scared because I was alone and had no idea where I was, and I still had the feeling that I was being chased. I heard the sound of water and went to the shore (assuming it was a shore because there was a huge stretch of ocean past it), which conveniently “came” to me, I swear it did, because I took like 10 steps and I was there. I remember telling myself how cool this was, and I stepped into the water and touched some rock surfaces, noting how greatly detailed and real this felt. I then realized I could will anything into existence in my dream, because I kept walking and suddenly noticed A SIGN BOARD WITH ANDREW’S FACE ON IT WHAT THE HECK. And oh man haha, I was definitely not scared anymore. So I began to think about things haha. Not obvious at all that I thought about Andrew. Ahaha, so I turned my head and he was there. Like physically there. I poked him. He talked back but I don’t remember what he said. I felt really…um…well this is pretty bad, feels like I’m playing God in my dreams. Oh, Andrew you had a lot of freckles on your face haha, perhaps it was from the sun.

Kinda creepy I know. Anyway. Maybe I kept thinking about him too much, but more Andrews suddenly popped up haha. One Andrew was enjoying himself in the water. I was like. Whoa. Omg. My brain what’s going on. I think there were 3 Andrews, and at one point they were arguing which one of them was the real one. Mhmm…it was very weird. There were a few other people in my dreams as well, but I can’t recall…and I know for sure some of them weren’t peoeple.

Animals. I had animals for company. Maybe a random squirrel or bunny.

OMG YEAH. This whole island-exploring-willing-into-existence-dream was the second part after I woke up. My first dream, had something to do with…ok I can’t remember. Natasha was there. There was something going on, like some ball or something, because she was dressing up and was really excited. Ugh, this is such a weird and depressing feeling. I can remember the feelings I felt in the dream but I can’t remember the events. Oh, and my pet rabbit really hated me or something. GAH. Back to my island dream!

So, the “world” of my dream was…I think it was sorted into levels. Like actual levels, as in top to bottom, low to high, that one. And I was at the very top level, because this random thing told me I was. I definitely don’t remember going up a lot of levels but yeah. Um, each level was also like a grid, and each “square” in the grid was a totally different place. Like, obviously there weren’t physical lines marking the squares and things, but different places were situated within the rocks, and it’s best explained if I said grid. So, the shore part was like one section (a square), then I walked a few steps and I saw a playground (which is like another “square” part of the grid and which I also swear “came” to me). This is so confusing. So yes, I was like, oh look a park! *runs to it* Mmm.

It soon became a point where like, everyone (the people and I guess the animals as well) was telling me we were in danger and we had to go somewhere, or hide or w/e. And omg this is so like Inception haha. Anyway, they were like telling me to “make an area”, a place where they could hide. And Andrew was trying to give me ideas on what I could “will into existence” so we could all hide. He said something about, trying to create the view of what it would be like hidden in a field of grass, so like trying to find a small insect would be very difficult, and for some odd reason, my “companions” were increasing and I also had a few little bugs asking me for help to hide them or something. This is so strange. So there I was, trying to imagine what it would be like to be an ant, hidden in tall grasses and no one can find you, like the movie “A Bug’s Life” or something. I knew I was going to wake up soon, though, because things were starting to fade. I remember closing my eyes to concentrate, but then when I opened them back up, I was awake. Gah.


  selinebyron wrote @

Fushiko, dream-goddess, creator and saviour of all good life. o.o Haha I’m jealous, I can never control my dreams like that, or even remember most of them come to think of it haha. Most epic yours was indeed. In fact, this calls for the….


  deathgeneral1000 wrote @

In many places in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, there is a past life hypnotism that allows you to tap into your past life. Whatever you see in your subconscious dream state might be an indication of your past.

Thus seeing large rocks might be an indication of you as an insect in the past, while seeing Andrew might be some kind of link between you and Andrew in the past! ^_^

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Well that’s interesting. Maybe I was a butterfly. But why insects for rocks? Why not plants? o.o Or some cool animal that likes rocks like mountain goats? o.o Or maybe I was just really tired from clubbing haha!

  Dreamz wrote @

awwwwh. doesn’t falling in dreams mean something? forgot. haha. i’m not a dream analysis person, but when i have vivid dreams like the one u had, i remember them too. oh and yes. another thing where we’re alike. we can both control our dreams >=D

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