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First Experience At Taphouse

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What the blog title says. Ahaha. Mmm, wow time is really on fast forward. Last night I went to Taphouse for the first time with Andrew, Chelsea and Jaymi. I was having doubts about going because I have my soils midterm on Monday, but I was halfway through the material so I thought, why not? And Ronnie and Sarah were going as well hehe! So yep, he came to pick me at 10:50, and I hopped into his car and we were on our way =) Chelsea was a zombie nurse (I think?) and Jaymi was a cat girl? She had ears and a tail so I’m going to assume yes XD Anyway, we got there at around 11:05, parked in front of 77, and walked to Taphouse. There was a line =( Andrew said he’s never waited that long for a club before…we were there from around 11:10 to 11:45 outside in the cold =( The guy at the front said the line outside was only HALF the line, and the rest of the line was inside, and Andrew wanted to leave since he speculated we’d get in by 12, but we stayed in line. Ronnie and Sarah were inside at around 10:45, so I texted to ask if there was a line inside, and Ronnie said nope, it was all outside. Thank you for lying, dude at the front. When we finally got inside, we got numbers stamped on us, and proceeded to coat check. IT WAS FREE WOOOOOOOOT! And after about 10 more minutes of waiting we were finally in. At 12. Good estimating skills, Andrew.

It was a fun night =) I definitely wasn’t sweating like I was at 77, I think Taphouse has AC. But omg, it was sooooo crowded @_@ It was very hard to move around, and people were quite drunk >.> I got hit by 2 beer bottles on my leg and some splashed on my socks…and I also got hit by a paper wrench ._. That was quite random. Not as random as this dude who was being “Doctor Pepper” for Halloween. He wore a lab coat and had actual green papers on strings tapped to himself haha. But yeah, other than the crazy people, it was fun =) Thank you, Andrew, for being a barricade most of the night haha! He tried to protect me from getting pushed by people X3 We left at around 1:30 because Andrew had to go to work at 8. So yep, dropped off Jaymi and Chelsea and then I got home at 2:30 and went to sleep =) EPIC DREAM POST TO FOLLOW.



  selinebyron wrote @

You’re turning into quite a little party-girl eh? =) I’m glad you had fun, even with the long wait. Evil lines be damned!

  blobsofdoom wrote @

Ahaha, I’m still not a party girl =P If you mean like birthday parties or Christmas parties, I’m down haha. But nope, clubbing isn’t really my thing. I’ll go if I get invited and if I’m in the mood, but usually I’m not in the mood and therefore I don’t get invited, so hence I don’t think I’m going to go clubbing often =P I’m glad I went though, it’s a good experience, and my parents are always telling me I should at least know the experience so I can have reason for my liking or disliking of it.

  Dreamz wrote @

HAHAA. WOW ur parents are so chill with letting u have ur experiences! But anyway. Lineups in the cold and clubs blarrgh! But it was halloween weekend so that’s expected.
Me & You need to go clubbing one day =) I promise you’ll have fun with me ;D And we haven’t gone together before hehe!

  blobsofdoom wrote @

My parents don’t know I went clubbing =O They’re fine with me going whatever, though, as long as I don’t drink hehe XD And I’m too cool to drink anyway 8D *puts on shades*

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