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I woke up quite early this morning. Michelle, Kevin, Philip and I were supposed to meet at Pancake House at 10am to have breakfast haha, but we had a late dinner together last night at Boston Pizza (along with Rustam) and we didn’t go back home until like 1:30? We had some VERY interesting table conversation. Like Rustam said, I feel I know everyone a lot better after it hahaha, I’ll leave that up to you to ponder what was discussed 8D Yeah, definitely tired this morning when I woke up at 8am, and everyone agreed to have pancake some other day.

I pretty much wasted my day today, not surprising at all. I rolled out of bed at 1:30pm and haven’t done anything since. I don’t wanna study T_T Actually, it’s not even that. I’m not sure HOW to study for my Environmental Systems midterm =/ I read over the pointless notes in class and nothing’s sticking to my brain. It’s not memory work at all, just writing equations and drawing boxes and arrows and stuff to represent a system and some problem solving on “what if” questions. It sounds easy but it’s the stuff I’m bad at. I don’t like scenarios. It’s on Monday, worth 35% of my mark.

Arg. I’m gonna go shower.

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  Dreamz wrote @

awww i hope ur doing well with midterms! ganbateeeeeeee! im eating peanut butter on taro utane bread this morning while sitting by myself at work cuz all the other coops come in late haha. are u gonna be in mac for the halloween weekend? msg me if ur gonna be in toronto cuz i think i might go back for halloween since theres more events =)
missss youuuu!

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