When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

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Blah. Um. Haven’t blogged in a while. Recap time.

I think I did alright on my Japanese midterm on Thursday but I’m pretty sure I flunked my Hydrogeology one on Friday. I went to Limeridge right after my Hydrogeology midterm with Sarah and Marianne. Tanoshikatta desu. The next day (Saturday) I went to Jackson Square and Limeridge AGAIN with Philip and Amy. I got new pajama pants =D (They’re checkered red and white and ever since I wore Michelle’s pajama pants I wanted a pair like hers XD) I really wasn’t in any mood to study, even though I have my Ecology midterm on Tuesday, and my presentation, too. Oh, and my Soils lab is due on Wednesday, gah, haven’t started on that at all.

I’m really looking forward to Halloween. Maybe it’s because I finished my maid cosplay ^^ Yeah, that’s what I did on Saturday after coming back from Limeridge with Philip and Amy. I made an apron because I pretty much had everything else. Oh, and Philip and Victor discovered Guitar Hero and Wii in the living room! It was just sitting in the drawers, so we played with that for a bit. And I made my headdress today. Twice. The first design looked ugly. My parents also came to visit me. They brought my DDR mat, which I shall be bringing to the MJC Halloween party.

*sigh* I don’t want to study. What a bipolar entry. I wanna play piano. I wanna work on cosplay even though it’s done. I want my Internet to stop being stupid. I can’t publish this entry because it’s being stupid. I need distractions. I need to stop.

Stop and clear my mind.

And get rid of all these negative feelings.


I wish. And wonder. What if.

Would it be different?

What do I want?

Why can’t I do this?

Why can’t I figure it out?

I’m finding that I know less and less about everything as days go by. Myself included. I’m not really scared. Just…blank. I’ve been feeling blank. And the only times I’m not blank is when I’m distracting myself. I notice that I keep wanting to change the state I’m in. I’m so indecisive.



  deathgeneral1000 wrote @

Ahh…. Confused with life, eh?

I am not trying to convert you or anything…. But, if you have a chance, try to learn Dharma.

You would be amazed about how small the world you know compared to the world taught by the Dharma….

  blobsofdoom wrote @

@deathgeneral1000: No, not confused about life haha. Just my life =P And yes, I know what I know of this world is very little. This is just a phase, I think I’m PMSing or something haha.

  Dreamz wrote @

Shweetieee. I’ma make this place my nightly stop before I go to bed from now on. So i’ll prob start to spam ur entries with comments again. HAHA. Whelps! I think…. I forgot what I was gonna say. LOL.
Anyway… I’m feeling a bit… like youu lately too hehe =) No worries! Can’t wait to see you… soooon I hopeee.
Everyone uber busy these days. I’m just rotting in loo cuz I’m on my easy breezy work term hehe.

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