When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Thanksgiving Weekend

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Hmm, I’m late, but Happy Thanksgiving? Ahaha, boring weekend. I actually did manage to do some work. I finished up my Japanese homework, my Ecology summary/report thing, and my Hydrogeology lab. Studied for my Japanese quiz tomorrow, too. I couldn’t get to my Soils lab because I almost passed out when I looked at all the math involved haha. Mmm that’s due tomorrow, though, fun fun. Hmm, today (or rather yesterday) Andrew drove me back from Markham =) I always feel bad when he drives me because it’s quite far and gas prices are always soaring T.T (which reminds me that I really should learn how to drive. Or I should hurry up and grow some wings so I don’t have to drive. Saving the environment. Bonus) He arrived at around 2:50pm and chilled a bit, poking BunBun and telling Wiz how cool he is (I don’t think he likes BunBun ;_;), he wanted to go to Pacific Mall but then we just decided to head back to Hamilton and chill at his place. We arrived at around 6pm, dropped off my stuff and then went to get pizza from Pizza Nova. Then we headed back to his house and his mom treated me to pumpkin pie X3! Ah, I love pumpkin pie =w= In fact, I’m craving some right now. And a Cinnabon. Didn’t chill too late, we both have early classes tomorrow and I had to print my assignments and stuff.

So what else did I do this weekend? I made blueberry Eggo waffles with ice cream for dinner. Twice. And I made eggies. And I also started to arrange Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari on the piano! Good heavens, I don’t know if it’s just me and my liking for crazy fast pieces that can show off finger technique or if it’s all those arrangements of the song I saw on YouTube that’s making me make my arrangement difficult. My pinkie hurts from the constant octaves, but I can’t wait until I’m done arranging it XD

Mmm what else. I don’t want to be Cho Chang for Halloween anymore. I’m not sure who I want to be. Thavisha suggested I be Mio from K-ON! but I was her last year. Maybe I will be Azusa. Her outfit from the 2nd season ending looks simple enough, though I’m not a big fan of her polka-dotted shirt. Hmm, we’ll see. Oh right, I cut my hair yesterday. It’s like 2 inches shorter, and I got rid of my straight bangs from my Dead Master cosplay since they hid my eyebrows and made me look extremely strict.

Wow, my longest post in a long time. And the narrow column makes it seem even longer haha.

PhotobucketMy blueberry Eggo waffles with icecream!



  selinebyron wrote @

Those waffles look delicious!

You already did Mio but I’ve never seen a better cosplay of Mio either ;D It’s not repetitive if it’s that amazing! In the end though, do what you like the most, I can definitely see you as Azusa =)

  Dreamz wrote @

hiii beautiful <3 know ur studying hard for midterms so goood luck!
iunno what i'm doing yet for halloween. if i get to dress up tho, i'm planning to be this vampire-demon looking geisha chick. HAHA. and i love blueberry eggo waffles too!!
miss you lots!

  blobsofdoom wrote @

@selinebyron: Ahaha, mhmm, I’m definitely planning an Azusa cosplay, cuz the outfit’s so simple, but I’m being a maid now =D

@Dreamz: OMG VAMPIRE-DEMON COOL! Take lots of pics! I’m gonna be maid for Halloween! I pretty much have everything except an apron, so I made that today from very limited white fabric, but it looks ok XD

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