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Baking With MJC

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Oh man, it’s like 3am haha. I got home not too long ago from Michelle’s place (thank you, Kevin, for walking me back!) for baking for our bake sale tomorrow (or rather, today) hahaha. Fun times as usual. Lots of picture taking, WITH MICHELLE’S PRO CANON DSLR OMGGGGG! Yeah. Kevin took most of the pics haha. We (Michelle, Sarah and moi) also took a few secret videos without the guys knowing, and we also danced a lot O_O Er, at least Michelle, Sarah and I did haha. I think we got hyper from all the icing hahaha! We made around 150 cupcakes and a lot of our cookies failed…haha! BUT OUR CUPCAKES ROCK. They’re so colourful and Hiragana-Kanji-filled haha XD! Yep, we’re definitely not gonna make profit from this, though, but that’s alright! Oh right, I’m going backwards again. At around 5:30 today, Michelle, Sarah and I went to Fortinos to buy the ingredients for baking =D We also got a lot of cheap pop and plates for our Halloween party yay! =D It was fun haha, we tried on toddler clothing HAHAHAHA, yeah we’re awesome like that. Um, so yep. Sarah then went back to her place to get some bowls and butter and Michelle and I carried everything (including the 16 litres of pop) back to her place. LUCKILY WE CAUGHT THE BUS =D And Michelle’s house is huge omg >.> Baking was indubitably awesome. Big kitchens are awesome. I’m very tired but still awesome, and I have to be at Michelle’s house at 8:30 to help bring our goodies to the Student Centre to sell at 9am. Wow, my writing isn’t making any sense and it is jumping all over the place. Yeah…short blog =(

Side note, my Dead Master cosplay is in this video o.o 
I’m at 4:36 haha, interesting. OK. I’M OFF TO BED =D


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