When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fushi’s Randomness + Move to WordPress

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Yay! The header is no longer an image I stole from deviantART! I took the picture a few minutes ago, it’s a necklace I made Sari get for me online, and then I edited the image on PS. STOP LAUGHING AT IT DX! I KNOW YOU’RE LAUGHING.

Philip: How can you hear them laugh? O_o *Wedding Dress plays* OH NO, NOT THIS SONG *bursts into tears*

So yeah! I can’t write long blogs anymore, because the template I chose (which is VERY UNIQUE MIND YOU!) has 4 columns, so my entires are all squished together, and because I am such an awesome person, I decided to save your eyes from reading miniscule font by shrinking my blogs XD! Ok, I’m done rambling. It’s the weekend and I need sleep. Oh yeah! I went to Lime Ridge today with Sarah and Ronnie ^^ Cinnabon =w= Omg, they’re so yummy ;_; Good times. I’m hungry ._.

EDIT: Aaaand I changed the header to some random PS thing I made. It’s so girlie.

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