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Ack. I’m sleepy. I woke up early this morning and went to a lecture that didn’t exist. Eat me. Basically, I want to drop my Environmental Systems course and add Paleontology/Carbonate Sedimentary Systems, but I wanted to see how the lecture for Paleontology would be like first, before I add it. So I went online to the McMaster environmental sciences course listings page and found the Winter/Fall 2010 course outline, PDF file and it said that the lectures were on Monday and Wednesday at 8:30. So yeah, I went this morning, and found out no one was there. Then I went to the course timetable and found out it’s actually on Thursday and Friday at 11:30. Ugh. And I found out if I want to add it, the lab would clash with one of my Ecology lectures ;_; *sigh* I specifically moved my tutorial so that I could fit in the course as well…omg. So yeah. I’m gonna have to go to school at 8:30 again tomorrow to see how the lecture is, and then if I decide to add it, I have one day to try and get onto SOLAR since the last drop/add day is the 17th. But yes, the fail of the day is that I suck. Though I did manage to get my sticker and confirmation letter from the resgistrar. I figured, it opens at 9, so I might as well go get it, and I did so. Then I went home and napped until my class at 11:30. And now I’m done for the day, sitting at the Student Centre and waiting for Michelle to text me so we can go print the MJC membership cards out and cut them.
Yesterday I went to Hamilton Harbour with Andrew =) Pier 4 Park was it? Mhmm, had nothing to do after the exec meeting so yep, went there and chilled. Walked around the place, it’s really pretty =D I saw swans hehehe I haven’t seen a swan in eons >.> We had a small scuffle because I wanted to walk like a step further than him before we leave so we kept pushing each other for the furthest step before we finally settled on a tie. Ahaha, after that I was hungry so we had dinner at Turtle Jacks =) And then I went over to his place to chill, but we were both pretty tired and kept falling asleep hehe.

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  Thavisha wrote @

Ugh the school systems are so stupidd, I’ve done worse things because they weren’t very clear or easy to use <.<I think it’s time you got another cinnabon :p *hands you one*

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