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Love Actually

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Wow, such an odd blog title haha. It’s the movie I saw yesterday with Andrew haha, after I asked his parents for suggestions, and they both were enthusiastic about it, so I thought why not? Mmm it was alright, it’s like a lot of mini love stories jumbled together haha. Andrew didn’t want to watch it because it’s Christmas-ish, and it’s September =P What else did I do. Right, Andrew came and picked me up at around 12:30 and we went swimming at a recreation centre =D Arrived there at around 1 or so, and we got in for free because the receptionist lady wasn’t there yet haha, so the life guard just let us in. It was nice ^^ I’d like to go again. There was a water slide @o@! I don’t recall going on one before, it was fun haha, though I was quite scared before and didn’t want to go on it. We stayed there for quite a while, the hot tub was gooooood =w= Ahaha, but yes, got out of the water at 3:40 or so, and we left at 4. Then we went to Limeridge because I was hungry, and everyone loves food court food =w= Jimmy the Greek, yay! I always have that, it’s so yummy =w= Ahaha, I wanted to get a Cinnabon as well, but the mall closed at 6, and we didn’t know =( That’s alright, next time ^^ After that, we went back to my place so that I could shower because I felt gross and Andrew ate his apple fritter and apple cider because he was still hungry after nomming Teriyaki Express at the mall O_o Fatty. I kid XD! And once that was done we went back to his house and watched Love Actually. Ahaha, his mom kept suggesting a lot of romantic comedies for me to watch haha, which I will! Hear that, Andrew? =P Then we went back to my place to chill a bit, and then Andrew left. Omg darned Internet won’t lemme publish this blog ugh DX!


  Harris wrote @

I liked that movie :D

  Harris wrote @

I liked that movie :D

  Thavisha wrote @


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