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Clubsfest 2010

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Ah, it came and went =) It went by quite quickly. I didn’t sleep much the night before, like I fell asleep at 4? Andrew drove me back home early afternoon yesterday. Went to school and found our classrooms =) I also met my new house mates =) And 10% of our bandwidth has already been used up…*sigh* Anyway, yeah, I set my alarm to ring at 6am this morning, but it never did, so I got up at 7, when Natasha came and knocked at my door. I jumped up because I was supposed to be at the MJC table by 8. So yeah, no shower, just got ready and I was ready at 7:15 O_o Contacts burned like mad this morning. I left with Natasha at 8, though haha, she took some time =P I got there at 8:10, and it was raining while Tasha and I were walking, so the tables were pretty wet since we were outside. I couldn’t do much, so I dried our table and then just texted people until they came haha. But yes, good day =D I don’t think we got 120 sign ups like last year, but still around 100 I think =D I look forward to our first meeting. And I think I lost my voice. Too much screaming and dancing (cuz you know, dancing makes you lose your voice). I was pretty tired when it was over at 2ish. Went back home to drop stuff off, then went over to Andrew’s house…and fell asleep -_- Until 6:20? We went to eat dinner at Kelsey’s at around 7:15. Mmm pasta =w= I love the pasta there. Hehe, yep, then went back to his house to chill and got home at 10:15? I’m so tired. People were watching a movie when I came back so I couldn’t sleep. AND THERE WERE 3 CENTIPEDES IN MY ROOM. One big one and 2 baby ones and they all ran away so now I’m scared to sleep =/ Well I have no classes tomorrow (labs don’t start this week and first Jap class has been cancelled) so I can sleep in =)


  K. wrote @

ewwww 3 centipedes. o____o"there was one outside my room last night. just one. a big one though. @_@_@_@"okaasan saved me. haha! omg i’m so incapable. "orz100 members eh? COMPETITION TIME!our YorkFest crazy club promotion day is mid-sept. I SHALL TELL YOU OUR RESULTS! >=D

  Fushi wrote @

Ahaha, 100 sign ups, but I think like 20 will actually be regulars >.>

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