When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Pride and Prejudice

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Aaaaaand. I’m back in Markham o.o Yep, Andrew picked me up this morning at around 2 and we got back to my house at around 3:15. He chilled for a bit and then left at around 4:15 =( I won’t see him until school starts DX! Or maybe a day or 2 before school starts…since I’m going on my cruise this weekend. Yeah, not excited. At all. And there’s Fanexpo. Not excited. But maybe I will be when I get there because AngeL and I are a pair for our cosplays 8D Yay! Andrew, you still need to watch the BRS OVA! Um, so yeah. Yesterday Andrew and I went to Limeridge =) He picked me up at around 1 and brought me a towel because I forgot to bring one >.> So I had to dry myself with my bathrobe >.> That was embarassing >.> We didn’t stay at Limeridge too long because Andrew had work at 5, BUT ANDREW MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH CINNABON @w@!!! AHHHH! Like. Holy screw! IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. Melting icing on top of a soft, golden cinnamon roll that’s warm and…yeah I’ll shut up. BUT IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. So good, that I liked it on Facebook. ARG I WANT ONE. NOW. I’ve known about Cinnabon since forever, but everytime I passed by it at the mall I’d be like, ew cinnamon rolls (I really dislike those cinnamon heart candies so I assumed cinnamon rolls would taste funny) AND I WAS WRONG. I was wrong for YEARS. Gah. Yeah. Cinnabon. We both ate a small one, then I purchased a large one to take home before we left the mall. I also saw the FML book at HMV haha, I wanted to buy it…maybe I should have. It would have been awesome to read on a 10 hour bus ride to get to my cruise. Yeah, I didn’t buy it haha. Anyway, we left at around 3:15 and then when I got home I took a nap o.o Just like Andrew XD Then I showered and ate my awesome cinnamon roll. After Andrew was done work, he came to pick me up at around 10. We chilled at Tim Horton’s for a bit and then went back to his house and watched Pride and Prejudice ^^ AWESOME MOVIE. *crowd laughs* No man, seriously, I like the movie a lot, even though I didn’t like it the first time I saw it. I also remember lending it to a friend and I don’t think I got it back…so we watched the one I bought at Future Shop the day before =D It’s the newest one, with Keira Knightley, not one of the old versions. Andrew liked the movie XD! He gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars for his review X3 I’m glad hehe XD He also said he recognized a lot of the characters in it. I giggled at a lot of parts…I think that really annoyed him hahaha XD I like watching romantic movies with Andrew >.> I like how I’m typing this too, knowing that he’ll read it >.> Hmm…anyway, it’s a nice day today. I really should pack for my cruise. I haven’t packed anything yet ._. Then again, I don’t have much to pack…just clothes, my contacts, camera, camera charger…I’m not sure if I should bring my laptop. I are quite tempted. I didn’t bring it last year because my mom told me not to, and I didn’t really need it. Ah we’ll see. Definitely not looking forward to school. Schedule’s not bad, it’s just I don’t like a lot of the classes I’m taking >.> Oh, speaking of school, I found out my mark for Japanese! I got a 12 yay! And it’s like 6 units so it’s like 2 grades! DOUBLE YES. That really boosted my average haha…yeah, needed that. I’m so happy XD Hmm it’s 5…I hope Andrew got home alright =/ His parents are away for a few days, so he doesn’t have a GPS >.> Ahhhh Cinnabon @_@

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