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And I’m back in Hamilton! Wow, really been running around a lot. Yesterday I went to the Eaton’s Centre with Andrew and his friendies. I took the subway from Finch station at 1:40 all by myself =w= *feels proud for the pathetic reason* I got there at around 2:05, but Andrew wasn’t meeting me until like 4ish I think? So I went shopping by myself XD Walked around H&M for a bit, didn’t see anything I liked, so went across the street to Forever 21 8D YAY! There was someone drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, I think it was cat women? It looked pretty cool =) Didn’t stay long cuz I see those things too often. I got 2 necklaces and a skirt at F21 >.> And I texted Natasha about the pocketwatch necklace and we both had a little texting spaz cuz we’re awesome like that. I gotta stop buying things eeep DX After that I went to Indigo’s and read a bit of Shaman King. Andrew arrived at around 3:30 and I got to meet Jeff and Marissa =) Then we went to the food court to eat, and I munched on my chicken pesto I saved from earlier when I had McDonald’s with my mom o.o After that, we went to kidnap Chelsea, and then we all decided to split up for 10 minutes. Then we met back up, and Love was here =) Everyone then decided they wanted to go to the CN Tower, but Andrew and I didn’t want to, so we split up from here again. Then I wanted ice cream o.o So Andrew and I both got ice cream yay! Then we went to find the IMAX place that Love gave us directions for since Andrew wanted to check it out, but we couldn’t find it =( We did a lot of walking around the streets haha, that was fun. When we gave up finding it we just wandered around and looked at the stores. Yay for strip clubs! Saw one and apparently there was a porn place nearby >.> I did manage to spot Hairy Tarantula! It looked sooooo shady haha. After that, we did more wandering. Went to Future Shop and I purchased Pride and Prejudice YAY! Going to watch it tonight with Andrew YAY! We son went back to Eaton’s, and then headed to Indigo where Andrew got volume 11 of Fairy Tail =O Then we met back up with everyone and had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe =D The food was good (my meal anyway) but pretty expensive >.> And they calculated the tip for us hmm. It was getting pretty late now, around 9:15 or so, and Love, Chelsea and Marissa decided to catch the 9:43 GO train, so they left early. Andrew, Jeff and I decided to stay a bit later and catch the 10:43 instead. So yep, just had fun talking and chatting, then we went back to Eaton’s and found it was closed, so we headed to the station. I think we were 20 minutes early XD When the train came, we ran and managed to get seats on the upper level o.o I’ve never been on a GO train before! And yep, I have to say it’s nothing that special haha. The ride was nice and quiet. I fixed my necklace and listened to music, Andrew read his Sherlock Holmes book and I think Jeff stared out the window the entire time haha. We got back to Hamilton at around 11:45, then we walked to Walmart because Andrew parked his car there. After that, we drove Jeff home and then I got dropped off back at my place at around 12:40 yay! Did I mention I forgot to bring a towel? >.>

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