When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Despicable Me

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Wheee! After going to sleep at 8 in the morning (see previous blog for reason) and waking up at around 12, I felt much better. I quickly cleaned up my room (woot for cardboard being everywhere because of cosplay prop making!), vaccumed, and then took a shower. Andrew arrived at around 2:45 and chilled a bit. I wish there was something to do at my house…we stared at BunBun and Wiz for a few minutes? I could have played piano I guess, but my dad was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him, and my house echoes like mad ._. Anyway, at around 3:30, we decided to go to P-mall and then head back to FMP for the movie at 6:20, but Andrew locked his keys in the car DX Eeeep >< He called his dad a few times and he tried to open the window and stuff with the various suggestions made by his dad, but it didn’t work =( The humidity wasn’t helping either =/ Andrew also cut his finger T_T I even woke up my dad to see if he could help, but he was also stumped on how to pry open the window. In the end, we gave up and his dad called for car assistance. He arrived half an hour later and we saw him open the lock in a few seconds -_- Gah, paper plate, hooked plastic thing, and a wedge. I BET I COULD DO IT. Oh well, we know what to do in the future. In that few seconds the man nabbed $45 bucks from Andrew T_T Glad it wasn’t more, though. It was around 4:45 now, so we decided to just chill and then go to FMP. We arrived at around 6:05, got some popcorn (which I leeched off Andrew) and then enjoyed a very nice movie =) IN 3D O.O I got a headache afterwards, but it was still enjoyable XD Though, Andrew’s friend was right when he said not to watch Toy Story 3 before watching Despicable Me because Toy Story 3 is so much better. I think a lot of the best parts of Despicable Me were included in many of the trailers, so I already knew the funny parts and didn’t find them too funny. Still good nonetheless XD Very cute. After the movie, we headed to Kelsey’s for dinner, which is conveniently also near the theatre. Yay for FMP! It also looked like it was going to pour, and it did while we were eating. I surprised myself for finishing most of my food ._. I was pretty full from gobbling up Andrew’s popcorn. After we finished, Andrew decided to be a jerk again and paid for my meal…I’ll get him back next time.

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