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Random Dream + Random Tag

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I’m bored. And I can’t sleep…haha…I had an odd dream. It’s quite hazy now that it’s been about an hour. Um, the farthest I remember back is I’m in this car with my friends. And Andrew is beside me in the backseat aw X3 And he had an assignment to do. He had his laptop with him, typing away in the back of the car haha. Not sure where we were heading. But anyway, it then jumps ahead (or that’s all I remember) and my friend Cianna shows everyone this store and I’m like WHEE COSPLAY SHOPPING (wow, Fushi) and everyone goes inside. And Andrew sits on the floor, still typing his assignment…haha omg haha XD! Anyway, the store resembled this dollar store I go to back in Markham, and I had to buy lace for my Miku Magnet cosplay (holy crap, like really? Even in my dreams?). I found the ribbon, went to the cashier, who looked like a really nice lady, and she started being a creeper and invited me to Thanksgiving dinner or something…odd. I was like, uh, sorry no, and I gave some excuse or something. And then she looked all evil like she wanted to kill me while I looked for change in my McMaster wallet. OMG DETAILS. Even in my dream I have the same coins as I have in RL…I even remember the special quarter I was saving. ANYWAY. I paid…and then Cianna was running around the store saying good bye to everyone because she had to leave, and the cashier made this creepy remark…and then it just got creepy, she tried to kill us. Just me and Cianna…Andrew was still typing his assignment on the floor. He was beside this rack. Ahaha…but yes um…obviously I ran for my life. There was this back door to the store and it had an alarm and I was praying that it would open and it did and the moment the door opened the alarm rang. I dashed out and…flew into the sky…wth? Yeah. I noticed recently in my dreams…I fly a lot. I don’t have wings. I just…fly. Like I flap my arms and I soar upwards. Anyway, yeah, I’m flying as high as I can away because this machine then started shooting razor blades at me. And these razor blades were the size of printing paper. It shot 3 at me I remember…and I dodged them somehow…but one went really close to me…and then I woke up O_O.

Yep. Short dream…I only slept for like 3 hours. I wasn’t tired last night. But um…yeah, today’s my final exam for Japanese 1Z06 yay! I can’t wait until I’m done =) I shall blog later about it.

EDIT: WOOT. EXAM DONE. It wasn’t bad at all! I was given 2 hours but I finished in 40 minutes but I waited for Amy. Yeah. Hm. FREEDOM NOW WOOO!

Ok, random tag. My blog’s been missing these cuz they’re always on Facebook now.

What is their name?
– Andrew? XD

How old are they?
– 21 *Andrew sobs*

How long have you been going out?
– 253 days haha…so around 8 months.

Do you love him?
– Well that’s a dangerous word to use. I really, really like him DX

Who said I love you first?
– Haven’t yet.

How long do you plan on being with them?
– You don’t plan these.

Would you steal or lie for them?
– Yes.

Would you stand up for them?
– Of course.

Would you protect them even if they were at fault?
– I’d try my best to stick up for him.

If someone touched them in the wrong way what would you do?
– Whoa. No….no. They wouldn’t dare.

Do you trust them?
– With? Ahaha, no, sorry I wouldn’t trust Andrew to write my Japanese exam for me haha XD!

What’s your favorite thing about them?
– That’s a tough one. Erm, he makes me smile. I like being with him.

What’s their favorite music?
– He claims he listens to everything =P I doubt it, though =P

What’s their favorite food?
– Uh…oatmeal and cereal? And toast. And random fruit.

Would you stop doing something for them?
– Depends on what. He wouldn’t ask me to stop doing things I really enjoy.

Are you a jealous person?
– Oh dear XD

Are they a jealous person?
– No. They are not. At all.

How often do you think of them?
– It would be better to ask how often I DON’T think of them, cuz I think about him too much.

Have you sang for them?
– No…haha. I’m way too shy.

Would you let someone or something keep you from seeing him?
– Um, sometimes school gets in the way of us hanging out. And no, I wouldn’t let someone keep me from seeing him. My friend’s wouldn’t do that either.

Do they call you every day?
– He’s never called.

Do you smoke?
– I do not.

Do they smoke?
– I think he wants to try?

Name one thing you would change about them?
– Ahaha…

Name one thing you would change about yourself for them?
– I’d change a lot for him…but I don’t think he’d ask me to change a lot?

Rate them.
– -3.14. I kid! XD!

Have they changed you?
– Hm…small changes.

When was the last time you saw them?
– Monday. We went to see Toy Story 3 =)

Have you ever kissed?
– ><…yes…

Do they go to your school or work with you?
– School =)

Would you love them no matter what?
– Hmm…

What would make you break up with them?
– If…he…well, a lot of things haha.

Have you seen them cry?
– He’s too manly to cry -_-

Have they bitten you?
– Eh? That sounds painful DX! Of course not!

Do they hate you?
– I hope not. I don’t think so. Or maybe he does. And he’s just a meanie who is playing with me.

Do they pop pills?
– As in…do they do drugs? Ahaha, I wouldn’t know, Andrew’s good at hiding things. I don’t think he does drugs, though. Maybe the odd Tylenol. I think I’m more the drug addict.

Do they trust you?
– I have no clue. I think so. Probably not with writing his essays, though XD

Do they let you touch them?
– I really, really like hugging him DX Ugh, kill me.

Are they suicidal?
– …I hope not. I don’t think so.

Are they dedicated to you?
– I don’t know. I can never be sure of anything. I think they are.

Are they pretty?
– Yes…*sobs* He’s not even the girl here, gah! DX!

Are they cute?
– It’s not fair DX!

Are they funny?
– Hehe, yep. But I don’t get most of the things he says…=/

Are they unique?
– Definitely.

Someone you would be with for a long time?
– Things happen…

How long have you known them?
– I first met him (says the pictures!) at MJC’s first general meeting…so back in…*checks blog* September 17, 2009. Or…maybe I saw him during Clubsfest back in…*checks MJC forum* September 2, 2009 (I think) because I was advertising? Ahaha…but I really got to know Andrew when I realized he was in my Japanese Studies 2TT3 class. And I think I invited him to sit with me cuz I was trying to nab all the MJC people to my side of the room haha XD!

Why did you choose them?
– Wow, such a Pokemon question. I chose Andrew because he’s a fire type. Go, Andrew! Use Flame Thrower! DX I don’t know. I choose who I choose.

Do they love you?
– Don’t think so haha.

What would be the perfect date with them?
– XD! Erm…I don’t know haha…assuming we were both rich little idiots, and could do whatever we wanted…hm, I’d like to go on a trip with him somewhere…maybe Japan or Italy o.o We’d do stuff…go sight-seeing, I’d probably go shopping, Andrew would probably have to tolerate me, because I’d switch to crazy tourist-mode and take so many pictures with him. I know Andrew wants to go to Australia? XD

Have you met their parents?
– I have =) They’re super nice!

Have they met your parents?
– Yep =)

Do you plan to if not?
– Wow, this question puzzled me for 3 seconds. 3. That’s a lot.

Does your closest friends like him?
– I hope so =) He still hasn’t met Whitney yet, though DX!

Their height?
– Taller than me. 5’11 he claims, but I still think he’s 5’9 XP

Eye Color?
– The prettiest blue that kinda turns an aqua colour and light gray depending on the lighting.

Hair Color?
– *tilts head* Dirty blonde? It gets lighter near the tips haha.

Well. That was entertaining XD

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