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Julie’s B-day

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I hate the new Hotmail. I hate how it signs me into that stupid chat each time I check my email. And then my name on MSN changes. I also hate how my blog link isn’t working. I had to google up my blog, click on an entry, and go to the homepage from there. Lame.
Anyway, just got back from being out with my parents. It’s time to blog about yesterday XD Hm…so yeah, I finished Julie’s hanging butterflies (she asked me to make them for her birthday after she saw some on display at Forever 21) at around 6 yesterday. They didn’t turn out as pretty as I hoped they would be…but Julie still liked them ahaha. Since she couldn’t get a ride, my parents picked her up from her pool at around 7:30, and then we headed to Spring Rolls at Yonge and Eglinton for our reservation at 8. We couldn’t really find the place, so my parents dropped us off at the intersection, and then I spotted the sign, which we passed by like 200 metres haha. Once we arrived, I was surprised to see Anna already there! XD! Lots of hugs around, and then we ordered food at just sat and talked. Lots of catching up we did, oh yes XD Girl talk. Ahaha. Julie’s friend Michelle came after and then we just had a nice dinner and more picture taking. Spring Rolls is a very nice restaurant XD I ordered vegetarian Pad Thai with a strawberry smoothie XD Julie wanted me to drink…but I promised my mom I wouldn’t haha. Though, I did have a sip of Anna’s cocktail and Julie’s Strawberry Daiquiri. Anna’s was really fruity…it was called…something Sunset. Hehe, after dinner, we all decided to wander around the streets. Anna suggested we go watch Inception, but it was getting late, so we stopped by Indigo XD I got marshmallow headphones! Well, that’s what I thought they looked like…haha. Mhmm, Michelle had to leave early because she had to meet her friend. After that, it was getting pretty late, so we decided to leave. Fun times cramming 3 people into a smart car. Julie and I shared a seat…and then I had to lie down/hide when there were police cars nearby. That was quite entertaining. Ahaha, woot for breaking the law! Once we got to Julie’s condo, we had fun taking pictures in the dark outside, because there was a mini waterfall and a gazebo. After we took a few pics, Julie invited us in because Anna wanted to see the facilities, but the doors were all locked, so then we just said good bye, and then Anna drove me to her house because my parents were picking me up from there. I got to meet Pom Pom, Anna’s Pomeranian haha. He’s so cute XD And a lot bigger than I had imagined. I couldn’t stay long though, parents arrived soon after and then I went home. And that concludes my day.

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  Thavisha wrote @

I’ve only been to Spring Rolls once and that was yearsssss ago! I can’t even remember it XD

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