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Once again, a blog that is blogged the day after said event to be blogged about has happened. Yeah, that sentence confused me, too.
Mhmm, shouldn’t be surprising now that I went over to Andrew’s house again to watch another movie haha. But before that, chilled out a bit at Timmies. I finally ate an actual meal there o.o Quite impressive. And yes, I ate like a pig =/ IN FRONT OF ANDREW DX *sobs* Never again, I was just really hungry yesterday. So it was around 8:30ish, and Andrew said we could go watch Toy Story 3 if I wanted, since we were really near the theatre and it starts at 9:30, but I didn’t have enough money on me, so next time I guess XD Yep, after we got to his house, Andrew picked out like 7 different movies for me to choose from, and he said that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was his 4th favourite movie of all time, so OBVIOUSLY I had to watch that =P Great movie. I’m definitely going to recommend it to my parents, though some scenes are…a little odd haha. Actually maybe I shouldn’t recommend it to my parents, they’ll go wth at me at those scenes and question about what I watch with Andrew. But ANYWAY. I really liked the idea behind the movie, how it was presented, and Frodo is in it O.O And so is Rose from Titanic, and MJ from Spiderman! I completely forgot Jim Carrey was in it, too, the entire time I was watching haha. Good movie ahhh, it’s like an upgraded version of Lost in Translation, but it was definitely way too short. It gets you thinking, this movie, oh yes it does. It confused me for a good while, but luckily Andrew was there to clarify things XD Oddly I got a bit down after watching the movie…I don’t know why. Maybe I had a random moodswing. Moving on…
Wow, it’s already the end of July. School begins in about a month. There’s still so much I want to do in the summer…like go to the zoo ;_; That said, I have a lot of other things planned XD There’s Julie’s birthday dinner on Friday, and Michelle’s sleeping over on Saturday so I can give her a lift to Square One the next day for our MJC hang out…I also have 2 potential beach trips hehe, one with AngeL and one with Andrew, and definitely looking forward to Niagara Falls and Fanexpo and my cruise. Actually, not really looking forward to my cruise. Wow, all these events, I think this is one of my most eventful summers. EVER. I wonder if my camera will go over 9999 for picture count again hehe.


  Thavisha wrote @

Bahaha you watch a lot of movies! XD YOU MUST WATCH TS3 ASAP!

  Whitney wrote @

ur zooing? me and jacky want to plan to go to the zoo too. haha =Psounds like a fun summer for u as always =P i just can’t wait till exams are over with =_=

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