When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

FV with Natasha and Julie

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It’s amazing how friends can make the mall seem so much less boring. I’ve been to Fairview Mall sooooo many times, it’s not even funny. But today was really fun XD Tiring…but fun XD So let’s recap~
I…got up at around 8:30 today. Natasha had asked me to meet her and Julie at 10, but my mom had a meeting thing to go to, so I said I’d get to FV at around 11. My mom got home at around 10:30, and I thought we could leave right away but she had to type some letter…so we left the house at around 10:55 and I got to FV at around 11:15. Natasha had told me earlier to meet her at Forever XX1 so I walked there and…couldn’t find her T_T I looked all over the store, and spammed her phone with texts. She responded 5 minutes later, saying she and Julie were trying on bikinis at La Vie en Rose and told me to go there. And so I went. AHHH CHEAP SWIMWEAR FOR LIKE $20 ;_; But…I didn’t like any of them haha. That’s right…we had fun there, I found this pink fluffy fan thing and wanted to show Natasha so I just walked into her change room HAHAHA XD Luckily she was done changing so yeah. MHMM. After that, we were all hungry, so we decided to go to the food court to eat. YAY, GREEK FOOD. I always eat Jimmy the Greek when I’m at food courts…I don’t know why. But yes, stayed here for a bit, Julie showed off her dented Patrick Chan water bottle, and after that, since Julie had to leave at like 12:30, we hurried over to Forever 21 ^^ MASS CHANGING ROOM PICTURES ENSUED. Julie bought a very pretty red dress for herself XD It looked sooooo pretty on her ;_; Natasha picked it out XD I found a similar top to the one Natasha was wearing so I decided to try it. Coincidently, I was looking at the SAME TOP the night before on the F21 online catalogue and I liked it XD I’M IN A SAILOR PHASE AHHH! BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES AND COLLARS AND ANCHORS AHHH. This is saying something, because I used to HATE STRIPES. And polka-dots *shudders* Yes, I tried it on and liked it. Anyway, after that, Julie had to leave for work =( Took some more pictures, and then Natasha and I went back to looking at clothes. Natasha insisted I try on a lot of things, and she picked out some things for me to try on haha…which I did. Lots of crazy picture-taking here as well haha. I really liked everything, but I only bought the sailor top and a lavender tank top. I want a reason to get dressed up now =( Maybe a formal or something. After that, Natasha took me to SEPHORA, where I spotted the Tokidoki section ahhh! So adorable XD I didn’t know looking at cosmetics was so fun…it’s like looking at paint and brushes and art supplies! I saw a pretty bottle that sprayed a light silvery-pink dust so it was like body glitter…for $51. What? Why is make-up so expensive? Natasha had fun trying a lot of lip gloss and eyeshadow colours on her hand hehe. After that, we went to Bath and Body Works so Natasha could by hand wipes for David and her mom and she washed her hands…and I never knew there was a sink in there! WITH NICE SMELLING SOAP. I tried the papaya one and I think I made a scene cuz people were staring at me…washing my hands. I also saw lots of cool things like body spray and all these colourful flavoury bottles! Ahhhh! PRETTY COLOURS @_@! Yeah. After that, we just walked around some more and Natasha showed me ZARA and it’s like an expensive version of F21. I saw a nice blazer there…for $80 *sigh* Once we got sad looking at things we couldn’t afford, Natasha took me to American Eagle to show me a pocket watch she liked and FINALLY DECIDED IT WAS OK FOR ME TO GET HER A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. It was a beautiful pocket watch, and she wouldn’t let me pay for all of it…but still. Natasha was happy XD Pocket watches are soooo cool. After that, more browsing around, I bought a little mouse plushie at Hallmark cuz it reminded me of Wiz…haha…and I finally got more tights at Ardene. Yeah, I spent so much money today. But the best purchase of the day was at Urban Planet where I found a key necklace that I liked XD And I thought it was going to be $5 but it was like $1.75 instead, yay! Then at around 4:30, since my dad couldn’t come to pick me up, Natasha’s mom said I could go with them to eat, since they didn’t want to leave me alone. We went to Keung’s Delight and wow, ordered a lot of food haha. I also tried almond milk, which was quite tasty. After eating, Natasha drove us (OMG THE HORROR, I kid, Tasha XD) back to her house, and then she showed me all the jewellery she’s been making and helped me to fix my key necklace which was too long. Then she showed me Old Spice videos on Youtube o.o THEY’RE SO RANDOM HAHAHA. I’m on a horse ._. My parents came to pick me up at around 7:00, and now I’m back homeeeeeee~

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