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Wonderland + Happy Birthday, Jacky!

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HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, JACKY! Mhmm, went to Wonderland today…I think this is my 4th or 5th time going…in my life. Unlike Natasha who went 9 times just last year -_- Aarathi and Natasha are both crazy. I also can’t believe I went on so many roller coasters today. Natasha arrived at my house at around 9:30, I gave her a little tour of my house, and then we left at 9:50 because I took so long to change. 20 minutes later, we arrived at Wonderland! No line ups = awesome! But I hurt/bruised my back on the first roller coaster we went on T_T It was Minebuster…the wooden and shaky one arg. I didn’t know I was supposed to lean back so I just like…made myself small and I kept hitting my back against the chair…so yeah…I have a bump on my back now =( I hope it heals before Andrew’s pool party T_T So yeah, I’m…so impressed with myself…going on so many rides. I like the swing rides the most. Skydiver was SCARY. The Merry-go-round was fun XD I also went on Psyclone…and I was SO SCARED…watching it made me even more scared…but when I actually went on it…it was alright I guess…I kept my eyes closed for most of the roller coasters I went on. Wild Beast hurt like MAD…I really can’t stand the feeling of falling…even the Rage scared me =/ I’M SUCH A CHICKEN. Speaking of chicken, at around 12:45, we went to Subway for lunch where I ordered a Chicken and Bacon sub, and me, being the idiot I am, forgot to bring my wallet, so Natasha had to pay for me >_> I also sneaked refills even though I wasn’t supposed to LALALALALALA. I SAW A GIANT DOMO-KUN PLUSHIE. And a lot of Pokemon plushies wah! I kinda wish I went to the water park/rides, since I brought my swimming attire…but yeah, it was around 4 by then, and I was pretty darn tired, and Aarathi had to leave =( I did meet up with AngeL and Jacky and their friends at around 4, though =) Didn’t stay too long, Natasha and I were getting picked up soon, so we took some pictures and said good bye =( Ah, I have a huge headache right now. It’s coming in waves…and my vision’s kinda wavy. I’m quite tired also, BUT YEAH. Overall fun day =)

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  Whitney wrote @

WOOT! Thanks for coming <3 Wish you could’ve stayed for the water rides. It was lotsa fun! But either way, it was good. and DON"T WORRY. I"M MORE CHICKEN THAN YOU. LOL. i was too scared of the psyclone =P i just watched that one HAHA

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