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Ah, and after a nice weekend of fun and actually having a normal sleeping schedule, I’m back to my lifestyle of being nocturnal with side dishes of homework. I got my oral test mark for Japanese back yesterday…arg, I thought I did better. At least the teacher told me I was way above average >_> Still. I need a 12 in this course. ANYWAY…
I watched The Bourne Ultimatum last night with Andrew =) Sad part is…I THINK I SAW THE MOVIE BEFORE HAHAHA…cuz I remembered certain parts, like when Jason was trying to save Simon and when Simon got shot and stuff…weird. Andrew kept trying to stop the movie when I said "Oooo I remember this part!" but I wouldn’t let him haha. I do not recall watching that movie…but then again, I always catch glimpses of the movies my parents watch and I never bother to ask what the movie is called haha. Good movie nonetheless.
I don’t know if this is a good thing, but Amy got the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber stuck in my head. The chorus is catchy. I don’t know why everyone hates him…he’s just a little kid doing something he likes and becoming successful…I’m a little jealous =< Is it just me, or are artists becoming younger and younger? He’s like…what, 15? THE SAME AGE AS TEGOSHI WHEN NEWS MADE THEIR DEBUT XD Actually, he’s not that young when I compare him to artists in Japan, and they’re actors as well. YAMADA RYOUSUKE AHHHH X3 He’s so adorable.
Hmmm…2 nights ago, a big spider was crawling down from my curtains and ALMOST managed to touchdown on my desk, until I took Amy’s flyswatter and killed it. Last night…another big spider came down from approximately the same spot…and I killed it with my shoe. Then I turned around and POOF there was a friggen centipede splat in the middle of my room a few inches away from my shorts…which serves as a good reminder for me not to throw my clothes around haha. I wacked it with my shoe but it got away…yep, definitely didn’t want to sleep last night, but I managed to. Thavisha and Nicholas are probably going to lecture me on killing insects now =P


  Nike wrote @

Is it just me, or does Yamada Ryousuke look like Horikita Maki?

  Thavisha wrote @

Hahaha Justin Bieber is fine, I like his songs. But I just think that there’s a little too much hype with some things. No I won’t lecture you =P Insects do deserve to die quite often! But I just don’t like taking away lives most of the time bahaha >.> I’m weird like that. You sound like you’re trained in insect killing martial arts though, the way you put it :O

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