When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let the world wonder how you did it.

Fushi’s Randomness

Currently listening to: The Other Side of the Door – Taylor Swift
I suddenly feel very…hmm, I wouldn’t say depressed. I’m feeling like what my little emoticon is feeling like up there. Maybe lonely. Maybe down. I’m feeling down. And when I’m down, I blog. Apparently.
I’m debating on whether I should sleep or not. I’ve been sleeping at 6am for the past two days and waking up really late. Maybe if I don’t sleep tonight, I’ll be extra tired tomorrow so I can sleep at a normal time? Ahhhh summer and night classes, what have you done to me =w=
Let’s see how many sentences/thoughts I can make beginning with "I…".
I am looking forward to this weekend. And feeling kinda nervous and scared as well. Weird. Going to Blue Mountain with Andrew and his friends. I’ve never been there, I hope it’s really fun.
I just finished eating my first microwave/frozen dinner in AGES! It feels good. Alfredo. Yum…preservatives.
I really want to play piano right now. Not just any piano, my piano. I love my piano. Just mine. I love the sound it produces…and the keys are so easy to press. Gosh, I can rant about this forever. But yes, I’m in the middle of learning a new piece. My YouTube needs updating.
I really like flowers. There are a lot of roses growing on the lawns of various houses on my street. I like pale yellow roses. I’m starting to like white and pale pink roses, too. There was a single red rose growing on the front lawn…it’s gone now, though. I think it got blown off from turbulent wind and rain and a squirrel ate it.
I like taking pictures. I camwhored a lot this week. I want a pro camera. My dad has 2. Michelle and Kevin were recently models for a photoshoot for a friend of theirs XD The picture are soooo adorable >w<
I think I need to use a different brand of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using Dove for as long as I can remember…and I know you’re not supposed to use the same shampoo for an extended period of time. My hair’s been feeling dead and heavy…and it doesn’t feel healthy =( Or maybe I just need a hair cut >_>
I really want to go to the zoo. And the beach. And Japan. But that was obvious.
I need to swap places with the people I know. I need to speak what’s on my mind more. A lot of questions are invading my brain. And people need to start being more considerate. It’s always the little things that make the biggest difference.
In the heat of the fight, I walk away~
Ignoring words that you were saying tryin’ to make me stay.
I said this time I’ve had enough~
And you’ve called a hundred times but I’m not pickin’ up.
Cuz I’m so mad I might tell you that it’s over…
But if you look a little closer…
I said "leave" but all I really want is you~
To stand outside my window throwing pebbles screaming "I’m in love with you~"
Wait there in the pouring rain, come back for more.
And don’t you leave cuz I know all I need is on the other side of the door~
I’ve…never posted song lyrics on my blog before, I don’t think. Ah well, there’s a first time for everything. Maybe in the future I’ll just delete it. Thank you, Taylor Swift. I might have typed some parts wrong…but anyway. Her song lyrics are so sweet. Yes, Thav, I know you agree with me.


  Thavisha wrote @

Aww *huggle* I hope you’re feeling better after writing this and (hopefully) getting a good night’s sleep? I’ve never been to Blue Mountain haha; I can’t ski (but I want to learnn!). I know a lot of people love it there though. Wait a minute, it’s summer. I think it’s like a golf resort or something now? I dunno, I have to look it up later. Maybe. XD I’m sure you’ll have fun though. =) From the looks of things, you usually do when you’re with Andrew anyway :D

  Thavisha wrote @

SDHLSHDJAKHJA COMMENT TOO LONG, MUST SPLIT IN TWO SECTIONSRed roses are one of my fav flowers, along with tulips. xP They’re so pretty! Especially when it’s like a single rose/tulip growing by itself.I’m jealous of your photogenic-ness. D:Ahh Taylor Swift. Her songs are wonderful. There’s always a perfect song for how you feel, no matter what it is. From sad and lonely, to overflowing with happiness. She’s so talented and sweet. =)

  Nike wrote @

"And people need to start being more considerate."Could it be about that talk about being treacherous and deceitful? All I know is this: An evil person must be cunning, but a good person must be even more cunning. Otherwise, how can you combat against evil effectively? One cannot show all their cards on the field, sometimes it’s like a trap card or a flip effect from a Yu-Gi-Oh! game.But, I think I’m ultimately good…. Sorry if I hurt your feelings…. Different views….

  Fushi wrote @

@Thavisha: Lol, thanks =)@Nike: Ahaha, nope, not that talk and you didn’t hurt my feelings haha.

  Whitney wrote @

I’ll take youuu to the beach in augusttttttttt my lovelyyyy <3And photoshoots are fun. I miss our shoots =O

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